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Island on Superior

Another evening

Another Island

On Lake Superior

Stunted trees growing

In a confined space

Geological Features

This photo shows interesting geological features.

The rock structures are time worn by Lake Superior

There is much wave action causing the rock to deteriorate

You will notice the pink rock, how worn it is.

It appears to be the underlying rock structure as seen in the blackish rock structure.

Of note is the small yellow leaves that offset the various shades of green

Pebbled beaches are a common site on Lake Superior

The wild and rugged beauty that is Lake Superior

Superior, North of Batchawana

The rugged shoreline of Lake Superior

Of an age long gone

Trees struggling for survival

In a harsh environment

Strong cold winds , gale force

Yet here they belong

The pounding of the waves

On a wild November day

The ominous sky is gray

Reshaping the rocks of a volcanic age

The shoreline constantly changing

A Surprise

As I was crawling over rocks alone the Lake Superior shoreline one evening. I looked down ahead of me . There before me was an ancient lava flow like it was yesterday. Incredible.

I set up the camera equipment among the rocks. It was a quiet evening, The sun was on the horizon soon to disappear. Not before it went out in a blaze of glory. As I was photographing everything turned to red.