Fine Art Prints


Fine Art Gallery Wraps

-Gallery Wraps are printed on Lyre Canvas a Certified Archival Inkjet Canvas by Breathing Canvas

-Available as a  24×36 Gallery Wraps


The gallery wraps are digitally signed

They are not numbered

-All prices are in Canadian currency

You can use to see the cost in your currency

Upon paying for your selection through Paypal

email me your fine art selection along with your shipping address and phone number.

Pricing as follows


24×36 Gallery Wrap – $2000.00 CDN


Killarney Provincial Park




A Y Jackson Lake


Kidney Lake


      La Cloche Mountain Fall Mists

Morning Glow


Bog Island

                                                                                                                                                    La Cloche Mountain Sunrise         


Misty Morning La Cloche Mountains

Red Sunset O S A Lake Killarney Provincial Park

Paradise Lagoon

Paradise Lagoon


The Ole Steam Bath


The Bent Tree


Sinclair Cove, Lake Superior Provincial Park


A Misty Morning


The Keeper


Wolf Lake 1


Wolf Lake 2


Wolf Lake 3


Alona Bay, Lake Superior



George Lake, Killarney Provincial Park


El Chile, Nicaragua

This is a first time offer of this print

It is available as a 24×36 gallery wrap

El Chile is an award winning Fine Art Composition

Priced at $6,000.00 Cdn.


10 Responses to “Fine Art Prints”

  1. Excellent work, impressive, and too many other adjectives to list! Love them all!

  2. Fantastic images, Ken!

  3. What’s your email and how long does delivery take? I’d like to order a print in time for Christmas.

  4. Wow, these are stunning. May I ask how much post-processing was involved? Why are they labelled as ‘fine art’?

    • Good Morning. I shoot in raw format. Then I process in Camera Raw. When I go into Photoshop the artist in me takes over to create a fine art print. I tend to lean more to the painterly look as appose to the straight photograph. There are too many photographers out there. I basically print on high end matte paper or canvas 24 x 36.

  5. Wow, nice pics ! Would like to give as gift to my daughter.

  6. each one leaves me breathless, such fantastic work

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