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A Quiet Fall Afternoon

Early Fall afternoon In Superior country.

A dead calm on the lake water

Beautiful reflections

Geological Features

This photo shows interesting geological features.

The rock structures are time worn by Lake Superior

There is much wave action causing the rock to deteriorate

You will notice the pink rock, how worn it is.

It appears to be the underlying rock structure as seen in the blackish rock structure.

Of note is the small yellow leaves that offset the various shades of green

Pebbled beaches are a common site on Lake Superior

The wild and rugged beauty that is Lake Superior

Along The River

Travelling the Westbranch.

North of Webbwood, Ontario on a Northerly path, a logging road winds its way along Wakanassin River. The composition I am presenting for viewing is located along this river. The evening is getting late. The exposed rocks on the hillside are touched by the evening sunlight,

I have stopped here many times to photograph as I drove home from further up the road.

Treeby Lake

A trip taken a first week October in Lake Superior Provincial Park.

The weather was on the cool side.

We traversed two portages to enter Treeby Lake.

With the campsite set up it was a matter of waiting

On our second morning I hit gold. The lighting was excellent

There was no wind, Therefore the lake was calm

I captured some amazing photos

George Lake, West End

Killarney Provincial Park.

George Lake, West end

Pick up the trail at the west end of George Lake

Cross the bridge and hike.

When you can see the lake on your right

Head towards the shore.

You will then see a rock structure on the left.

A beautiful spot to photograph in the waning light of evening