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Shoreline Exploring

It is always of intertest when I explore Lake Superior’s shoreline

Wading through shadow water

Struggling through dense underbrush

Climbing over rock structures

It is always an adventure

To find the next composition

Geological Features

This photo shows interesting geological features.

The rock structures are time worn by Lake Superior

There is much wave action causing the rock to deteriorate

You will notice the pink rock, how worn it is.

It appears to be the underlying rock structure as seen in the blackish rock structure.

Of note is the small yellow leaves that offset the various shades of green

Pebbled beaches are a common site on Lake Superior

The wild and rugged beauty that is Lake Superior

Black Spruce



There is a small lake in Superior Provincial Park alongside Highway 17. It is named Moose Lake. There is a clump of skeletal Black Spruce that caught my eye. I first saw this set up in 2013. We were always passing by at the wrong time. Bad lighting. This year Maureen and I spent 5 days at Superior Provincial Park in late August.

What attracts me to this scene. The Black Spruce. As the sun lowers in the sky, the grayish color of the dead Spruce becomes more intense. The grey color stands out in a sea of green. The channel leading back to these skeletal trees gives me a lead in. An added bonus is that the late evening sun was highlighting the hill in the background. This in turn created a golden reflection in the foreground. Now I did not want to show to much of this golden reflection. Therefore I kept it tight. Doing this allowed for more lead in to the Black Spruce. Showing too much of this colorful reflecting would lead to a distraction. For depth we have four layers here. The shoreline, Black Spruce, The evergreens behind and then the sunlit hill in back.

You may ask me if I knew that the hills would light up. The answer would be no. But I have also seen this many times . I had set my composition in the camera on the tripod. Taken a few shots. Then low and behold the hills lit up. I quickly started shooting and shortly  the lighting was gone. Be there. That is all I can tell you.  The Black Spruce always adds drama to your work. You can not miss them when they are in the dead form.

Another week has gone by, so until next time happy trails



On many of my trips into the interior of Killarney Provincial Park,I always enjoy walking the shorelines of a lake or islands.I am looking for something different and unique.This may be a rock with tremendous detail or pretty wildflowers.The trick is to put something together composition wise.

The evening lighting is a good time to do this.Maybe the wind has not settled down enough to do landscapes.So I will turn my attention to what I can find along shorelines.The above photo is such a creation.By using the beautiful textured rock in the foreground and placing the little Johnny Jump-ups in the upper right hand corner I created a contrast between the rock and flowers.It also puts things in prospective in the relationship between the flowers and the rocks.

Well that is it for this week.So until next time happy trails.