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Superior, North of Batchawana

The rugged shoreline of Lake Superior

Of an age long gone

Trees struggling for survival

In a harsh environment

Strong cold winds , gale force

Yet here they belong

The pounding of the waves

On a wild November day

The ominous sky is gray

Reshaping the rocks of a volcanic age

The shoreline constantly changing

Mica Bay, Lake Superior


Mica Bay, Lake Superior. This was one of my enjoyable evenings spent exploring the shoreline of Mica Bay, Lake Superior.

The evening was becoming late as I observed this scene. The lake was rolling gently. The exposure would be long. That would create a dreamy affect on the water. More so in the foreground. I cast around for a suitable collection of rocks at the water’s edge. The composition soon came together in my mind. I set my tripod as low as I could set it. Therefore, allowing me to create an illusion of less water. To tighten the composition I shot vertically. Too much water would spoil the effect of the composition.

I stretched out on the beach. Being eye level showed me my composition as I wanted it. Thus I was able to create my scene.



Deja – vu All Over Again


Concepcion Volcano, Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Deja – vu All Over Again

Got me a red Mustang

Wrapped around me

Cruising down the blacktop

Doing a hundred and twenty

Far away stars lighting

My world

The landscape blurring behind me

As the night draws down

I can’t get her

Out of my mind

Her image haunts me

Like a dark shadow

My mind is tormented

My mind is in a fog

For the love.. for the love

Of a girl

Deja – vu all over again

The burdens and weaknesses

It is a road not taken

For the love of a girl


Deja – vu all over again

Deja – vu all over again

The tenderness of being loved

To feel the love, freely given

Light as a feather

Deep as the sea…

Waiting on a Sunday

To feel the love

To promise you

All of my tomorrows

The landscape blurring behind me

Just me and my mustang

Lost in thought

Waiting on a Sunday

The Jinotaga Highway



I have finally got into some serious photography. After weeks of exploring by bus I have selected a number of locations to work with. This means getting off the buses at various locations to photograph. then wait for another bus to get on. This day was very windy. All the rock formations in Nicaragua are volcanic.

I came across the above location that consist of a jagged rock out cropping perched upon a high hill. I used my 70 to 200 lens to  create a close up with more detail of the rocks. There was a dark moving sky in the background. The sky was darkened even more when I processed the photo to enhance the rocks.The foreground trees have that windswept look to them. Thus enhancing the effect of what it was like that evening.

I will close now. So until next time happy trails.

The Color of Black


While photographing at Pukaskaw National Park I became fascinated with the rock structures that can be found along the Lake Superior shorelines. The coastline here is broken and rugged. This is a result of relentless wind and wave action. The rocks are volcanic in nature and very smooth. The color of black is very dominant in theses rock structures.

I found this rock structure at the West end  of the largest beach near the Pic River. I set up low and close to the rock structure. I had a brownish color in the rocks in the foreground that became a rich brown or slightly golden as the sun retreated below the horizon. The sun was actually setting opposite to me below the rocks. If you follow the rock s you will notice that it tapers down in the background. The sand is no longer white at the time I took this composition. It has taken on the color hues of the sky. You have a sense of habitat with the sand, a little bit of Lake Superior in the background and scattered driftwood.

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Well that is it for this week. I will be floating the French River this week for 3 days with my canoe. Thank you for stopping by and the wonderful comments that have come my way. Until next time Happy Trails.

An Evening Reposed


My last evening at Pukaskaw Provincial Park. I decided to check out the beach nearest the mouth of the Pic River. This beach is the largest near the campgrounds. The beach was covered with driftwood at the high water mark. As I traversed the beach looking for a photographic composition, moose tracks could be seen in the sand. They were old, as debris was filling the tracks. The sun was slowly setting, a nice breeze was wafting in from the Lake Superior. Half way down the lake there was a rock outcropping all by itself at the edge of the beach. In the background was an island.

I set up my tripod low so that I could eliminate as much of the water surface between the rock outcrop in the foreground  and the the far island. There is a bit of color in the late evening sky. But nothing dramatic. There is a stark contrast between the black of the volcanic rock and the bold colors of the lichen that forms on theses rocks. Add a couple little plants to the recipe to create this composition. This location is worth a few more trips to photograph.

Well that is it for now. The 36th La Cloche Art Show is now in full swing. It runs till Sunday July 14th from 11 a.m. – to 5:00 p.m.

Two of my works is on display there.

Thank you everyone for stopping by for a visit. Until next time happy trails.