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Island on Superior

Another evening

Another Island

On Lake Superior

Stunted trees growing

In a confined space

Killarney Lake Entrance

We had passed through this location a number of times over the years

I always liked what I saw.

Therefore I finally said lets plan a trip to photograph the that location.

We were always passing through in the middle of the day, onward to other locations.

We set up camp close by .

Here we were on a beautiful evening to capture the landscape.

Along The River

Travelling the Westbranch.

North of Webbwood, Ontario on a Northerly path, a logging road winds its way along Wakanassin River. The composition I am presenting for viewing is located along this river. The evening is getting late. The exposed rocks on the hillside are touched by the evening sunlight,

I have stopped here many times to photograph as I drove home from further up the road.

Deja – vu All Over Again


Concepcion Volcano, Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Deja – vu All Over Again

Got me a red Mustang

Wrapped around me

Cruising down the blacktop

Doing a hundred and twenty

Far away stars lighting

My world

The landscape blurring behind me

As the night draws down

I can’t get her

Out of my mind

Her image haunts me

Like a dark shadow

My mind is tormented

My mind is in a fog

For the love.. for the love

Of a girl

Deja – vu all over again

The burdens and weaknesses

It is a road not taken

For the love of a girl


Deja – vu all over again

Deja – vu all over again

The tenderness of being loved

To feel the love, freely given

Light as a feather

Deep as the sea…

Waiting on a Sunday

To feel the love

To promise you

All of my tomorrows

The landscape blurring behind me

Just me and my mustang

Lost in thought

Waiting on a Sunday