Lake Minniwanka Lake,Banff National Park, Alberta

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#LakeMinniwanka Lake. In the background is #MountGirouard. All of this is located in #BanffNationalPark in the #RockyMountains. We spent the night at the #TheElkandAvenueHotel. Highly recommended.

My brother Bob and I spent the night in the town of Banff. We booked into the The Elk and Avenue Hotel.The next morning we drove up to the scenic Lake Minniwanka. It was a cloudy dark day. I made the most of the conditions. I was able to get many shots working with the the patterns of nature



Touch Of Light, BC

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A touch of light upon the rocks. I added trees to the foreground. A touch of golden grass. This gave me my foreground to help show the lighting on the mountain top Near Cranbrook, BC

Bull Mountain

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I have been plagued with bad weather. Too much mist. The mountains in a haze. But finally it all became clear. Bull Mountain with the Kootney River British Columbia.

#Evening Glow

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#Fisher Peak at an elevation of 9200 feet in the #Rocky #Mountains is a dominant feature near #Cranbrook #Evening #BC. The late evening sun created this warm yellow glow.

Summit Lake

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It was a rainy morning off and on. The date September 15 2018. I spent the night in Nakusp British Columbia. My brother was part of the Rocky Mountain Motogiro 2018. I had been asked to photograph the event. Summit Lake was our first stop to photograph the motorcycles passing through.

I captured this beautiful scene in between capturing the Motorcycles passing by.

Coldwater Bay, Lake Superior

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Coldwater Bay is part of the Lake Superior Coastal Trail. The bay is located within Lake Superior Provincial Park.


When I am walking with Trees

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When I_m walking with Trees

Painting by Pierre AJ Sabourin En Plein Air Landscape Artists

Thank you Pierre for use of your painting. It inspired this poem


When I’m walking with Trees

A forgotten path beckons

Through an ancient forest

Covered in lichen and moss

When I’m walking with trees

My body is relaxing

My energy is flowing

My soul becomes of the forest

As I listen, to the forest sounds

The air is calm

The morning sunlight filtering

On the forest floor dancing

When I’m walking with trees

When I’m walking with trees
My body is relaxing

My energy is flowing

The path twists and turns

Over time worn rock

I have this feeling

Being watched from above

A light appears ahead

As closer I walk

The light it intensifies

Then before my eyes, fading

I hear a song

As I walk along

It is the trees whispering

A hush voice singing

A gentle caress upon my cheek

It is the morning breeze

Cool and fresh, a lover’s touch

When I’m walking with trees

When I’m walking with trees

My body is relaxing

My energy is flowing

The trees appear to nod

As I pass by

The air is clear

The sounds I hear

The brush of a branch

Gently upon my shoulder

It has been awhile

For now I smile

Ken Bennison




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