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Katherine Cove, Lake Superior

A quiet summer evening

The sun is gone

Pink clouds floating

A pinkish glow on the landscape

Beauty In The Sky



My journey to Ometepe Island ended with this splendid view of a cloud formation over Lake Nicauraga. The lake was  calm as the ferry headed back to the mainland. I spotted the cloud formation on the lake horizon. Paul Sanchez and I were standing where the cars and trucks were parked. There were only three vehicles in the cargo bay. Therefore we had a lot of room to walk around.  The setting sun dramatized the clouds to a beautiful scene. In the coming weeks I will write on my day trip to Ometepe Island.

Well that is it for this week. Do come back for some beautiful scenes of the volcanoes on Ometepe Island. Until then happy trails

Last Rays



The mountains cast in black

Deep shadows until dawn

The wind now a murmur

The birds gone to roost

The last of the evening light

Casting the billowing clouds

In a golden array

The clouds ever changing

Creating art for the imagination

Of fertile minds

But then the darkness intrudes

The light slowly fades

With the last rays of light

The stars become brilliant

In the far heavens

Ken Bennison

My Daughter



She will always be

My little girl

Her love for me

As big as the sky

A special person

In my life


We are alike

In heart and mind

We cry together

We laugh together

We are always there

For one another


She is still my little girl

Now all grown up

She is that special person

In my life

A Red Glow



I wrote about this particular scene a few posts back. There is an ancient lava flow here that has been preserved over time. The location is Mica Bay, Lake Superior. I had climbed up unto an outcropping of rock and photographed the location. The sun was on the horizon to my left. It was rapidly sinking below the horizon. As I sat there, the rocks took on a reddish hue that was really fascinating.  The red hue was very powerful on the rocks. Withing a couple minutes it was gone. Another episode of what nature can produce before your eyes. The camera and tripod were already set up, thus it was only a matter of setting the exposure and click away. The clouds had a reddish tinge to them. The rocks in foreground stayed dark due to an outcropping of rocks to my left. That was good as it provided good contrast with the rest of the scene.

Well that is it for now. Until next time happy trails



Creating A Composition


As I walked the shoreline of Lake Superior at Pukaskwa National Park late one evening, I envisioned the scene above. It was a late evening with poor lighting. The photographing had not been great. There was some wave action upon the rocks. I came to a sloping rocky shoreline with jagged rocks. The color varied from black to golden brown in color. So I decided to set up my tripod and Canon EOS 7D and see what I could come up with. Shooting tight and set up low I was able to get the above scene. The shutter speed  was set to 8 sec and to get the depth of field that I needed at this range, my f-stops was at f22. This is a nice soft and moody composition.

By waiting for the right amount of wave action I was able to get that capture, I was looking for. By shooting at 8 sec. I was able to create a moody scene where by the water now appears misty like among the rocks. The transition from water to rocks is smooth. By smoothing out the many body of water and getting the right lighting and shadows on the rocks I find this to be a very nice scene that will give you a soothing effect. The other way around would be having the waves crashing upon the rocks at a faster shutter speed.

Well that is it for now. Thank you for stopping by. Until next time happy trails.

An Evening at Bassfin


This is a photo that I composed when Maureen and I spent a wonderful evening canoeing on Bassfin Lake. We were paddling out of a secluded bay through a narrow channel leading to the main lake. The bright red coloring of the rocks caught my attention here. I motioned to Maureen that we would pull up to the red colored island. Gathering my camera equipment I was soon set up and composing my shot. The sun was below the horizon now. The water surface like a mirror. Mother Nature was at her best in providing cool geometric shapes created by the reflections. There was a touch of clouds in the background to offset the blue sky. A perfect ending for a lovely evening spent with my wife in a back bay isolated from everything but nature.

Well that is it for now. Until next time happy trails.