Oh My Gosh

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Rivas, Nicaragua. At the ferry landing Lac Nicaragua

Oh My Gosh

I was told by my mamma

That I would meet, a lady

That would take my breath away

That was my destiny

Well just the other day

I saw my destiny

She stood there looking

Doe eyed and sweet

I was all a flutter

Tongue in a knot

She said hello

I thought I melted

Oh my gosh

Oh my gosh

Well you know

I found my tongue

But all I could say

Oh my gosh

She wore a red dress

Tight and alluring

Those smoky eyes

Kept pulling me closer

Those soft red lips

Just a teasing me

Long black hair

Straight and sparkling

She got swinging hips

Oh, those shapely legs

What a pretty lady that

Oh my gosh

I’ll take you in my arms

Hold you tight

Tell you, you are my destiny

To the end of time

I just want to

I just want to

Make love to you

Oh my gosh

Oh my gosh

Oh my gosh

I have met my destiny

She takes my breath away


Buscando el Cielo

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Buscando el Cielo

( Looking For Heaven )

Como me acuesto en la cama

Cubierto en la oscuridad

De noche

La noche suena más allá

La ventana

Tengo que pensar en el cielo

Tal vez he estado buscando

En todos los lugares equivocados

Pensé un poco más

me pregunto

Donde esta el cielo

Está más allá

Las estrellas

Tal vez debajo de mis pies

Pero cuando miro

Las profundidades de mi amor

Ojos café oscuro

Tengo esa sensación

Que he encontrado

Mi cielo

Veo paz y tranquilidad

Un amor tan profundo

Mi alma está en reposo

Mi corazón se regocija

Porque ahí está mi cielo

Profundo en esos ojos marrones oscuros

Ken Bennison

Looking For Heaven

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Looking For Heaven

As I lie in bed

Covered in the darkness

Of night

The night sounds beyond

The window

I got to thinking about heaven

Maybe I have been looking

In all the wrong places

I thought some more

I ask myself

Where is heaven

Is it up beyond

The stars

Maybe below my feet

But when I look into

The depths of my love’s

Dark brown eyes

I get that feeling

That I have found

My heaven

I see peace and tranquility

A love so deep

My soul is at rest

My heart rejoices

For there is my heaven

Deep in those dark brown eyes

Ken Bennison

A Boy is Born

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A Boy is Born

Twas in the city

Of Matagalpa

On a damp, wet night

In the poor side of town

A boy is born

The father long gone

His Mother all alone

He haunted the streets

In Matagalpa

He begged for food

Stole when he could

Learned to be a fighter

To survive the streets

In Matagalpa

Coming of age

He shined shoes

Then joined the army

Told them, he wanted

To be a truck driver

As the years moved on

He saved his money

Bid his time, left the army

Started a trucking business

In Matagalpa

He was now a self-made


The trucks became numerous

The money being made

For the boy, now a man

In Matalgalpa

He married his sweetheart

A daughter was born

He never dreamed of

Raised with love

Promised her an education

That he couldn’t have

Ken Bennison

Deja – vu All Over Again

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Concepcion Volcano, Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Deja – vu All Over Again

Got me a red Mustang

Wrapped around me

Cruising down the blacktop

Doing a hundred and twenty

Far away stars lighting

My world

The landscape blurring behind me

As the night draws down

I can’t get her

Out of my mind

Her image haunts me

Like a dark shadow

My mind is tormented

My mind is in a fog

For the love.. for the love

Of a girl

Deja – vu all over again

The burdens and weaknesses

It is a road not taken

For the love of a girl


Deja – vu all over again

Deja – vu all over again

The tenderness of being loved

To feel the love, freely given

Light as a feather

Deep as the sea…

Waiting on a Sunday

To feel the love

To promise you

All of my tomorrows

The landscape blurring behind me

Just me and my mustang

Lost in thought

Waiting on a Sunday

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Ometepe is an island formed by two volcanoes rising from Lake Nicaragua in the Republic of Nicaragua. Its name derives from the Nahuatl words ome and tepetl, meaning two mountains. It is the largest island in Lake Nicaragua

Grandpa And I

I was four years old

Swinging on the gate

The street is empty

Waiting for my grandpa

To come and fetch me

I was excited, as I waited

My bag was packed

Watchingthe street

For that big ole car

To come up the street

The sound of a car

Coming round the corner

In a cloud of dust

Braking at the gate

Kissed Mamma goodbye

Bag in hand, Grandpa waiting

Climbed in the front seat

He tousled my hair

Gave me a hug

With a big warm smile

We stopped up town

For a Coke and ice cream

At Belfoy’s Store

Then left town, heading home

To the farm

But times have changed

My Grandpa is gone

The farm is no more

It is now a memory

To fondly remember

I think back in time

At that magical time

A special bond we had

Just Grandpa and me

Time shared together

Ken Bennison

Concepcion Volcano, Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

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Concepcion Volcano, Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

To watch the cloud movement around a volcano is an experience to behold. You could watch this for hours and the scene will constantly change.

I captured this cloud formation with just the peak showing. It appears like an island in the mist.

That is it for now. Happy trails

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