Papayas Flower

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I was travelling North of Jinotega up in the mountains last week. We stopped at a coffee Finca. I was strolling along a path with camera gear. I spotted a small papayas growing by a house.

All the elements were here for a great composition. The flowers, immature fruit. Beautiful lighting.  The result was the above composition

So until next time, happy trails


Fast Asleep

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Love this photo. A mother with her vendor cart was approaching me. In the corner of the cart was her little boy, fast asleep. I walked up to the Mother. I spoke a few words. My Spanish is limited. I asked her for permission to photograph her son. Photographed in Jinotega, Nicaragua

Forever in Love

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Forever in Love

May your loves

Be forever

Follow your guiding lights

For wherever it goes

May your love remain true

That you join hearts forever

Forever in love

Forever in love

Forever in love

Forever in love

Forever, forever in love

What ever road you choose

To follow one another

To roam together

Forever in love

Forever in love

Forever in love

Forever, forever in love

To do unto one another

To share your wisdom

To share in your love

Forever in love

May the good lord

Bless your love

May your love be

Full of happiness

Full of love

Forever in love

Forever in love

Forever, forever in love

Forever in love

Looking For Someone

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A young lady poked her head out the window of her house. She may have been looking to see what was happening around her. Or maybe waiting for someone. I asked if I may photograph her. She gave me the attitude that she did not care.

Children On The Corner

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Interesting story here. The kids are gathered at a street corner. The youngest group are gathered by the door talking among themselves. That is until they noticed me. Then I got the beautiful smiles. In the middle are three older girls having a discussion. Two boys sitting in the lower right of photo studying the chess game for the next move.


Walking In Jinotega

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Walking around the street corner, this fella jumped up and asked if I would take his photo. Sure I told him. He then sat back down in doorway. I photo graphed him. Showed him the photo. He looked, smiled and sat back down in doorway. I shook hands and moved on.



Strolling along the street I noticed an older lady sitting on a step. It was late evening. Thus she was relaxing after a day of labor. With her permission I captured her image

Bananas For Sale

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Everyday you will find this gentleman push his cart up the street in Jinotega and set up in the same location. His source of income is selling bananas.



Whenever he is hungry he eats a banana or two.



I spoke to him about taken his photo. He was okay with that.




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