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Oh My Gosh


Rivas, Nicaragua. At the ferry landing Lac Nicaragua

Oh My Gosh

I was told by my mamma

That I would meet, a lady

That would take my breath away

That was my destiny

Well just the other day

I saw my destiny

She stood there looking

Doe eyed and sweet

I was all a flutter

Tongue in a knot

She said hello

I thought I melted

Oh my gosh

Oh my gosh

Well you know

I found my tongue

But all I could say

Oh my gosh

She wore a red dress

Tight and alluring

Those smoky eyes

Kept pulling me closer

Those soft red lips

Just a teasing me

Long black hair

Straight and sparkling

She got swinging hips

Oh, those shapely legs

What a pretty lady that

Oh my gosh

I’ll take you in my arms

Hold you tight

Tell you, you are my destiny

To the end of time

I just want to

I just want to

Make love to you

Oh my gosh

Oh my gosh

Oh my gosh

I have met my destiny

She takes my breath away

Beauty In The Sky



My journey to Ometepe Island ended with this splendid view of a cloud formation over Lake Nicauraga. The lake was  calm as the ferry headed back to the mainland. I spotted the cloud formation on the lake horizon. Paul Sanchez and I were standing where the cars and trucks were parked. There were only three vehicles in the cargo bay. Therefore we had a lot of room to walk around.  The setting sun dramatized the clouds to a beautiful scene. In the coming weeks I will write on my day trip to Ometepe Island.

Well that is it for this week. Do come back for some beautiful scenes of the volcanoes on Ometepe Island. Until then happy trails