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Along The River

Travelling the Westbranch.

North of Webbwood, Ontario on a Northerly path, a logging road winds its way along Wakanassin River. The composition I am presenting for viewing is located along this river. The evening is getting late. The exposed rocks on the hillside are touched by the evening sunlight,

I have stopped here many times to photograph as I drove home from further up the road.


Sitting by a pool
Of a slow moving stream
Not a breath of air
Stirs amongst the trees
Wispy clouds floating overhead
A Swallow-tailed butterfly yellow and black
Skims the water’s surface
The mosquitoes and black flies
Are now abundant
With the approach of dusk
Sunlight filtering through the trees
Brush the stream side shrubs
With a touch of gold

The pool is now
Like a painter’s canvas
Reflecting the surrounding landscape
Of yellow and green
A scene of beauty and harmony
To be one with nature

My good friend Gerard Leduc and I traveled up the Westbranch behind Webbwood   a few days ago.It was a beautiful evening to be out.As we drove along the Wakanasin River,we noted the low water levels.Our first stop was Gordon Chutes to allow Gerard to do some photographing.

We continued our journey North.Every once in awhile a logging truck passed us in cloud of dust.This meant we had to pull over until there was visibility.Being early in the evening we were in no hurry and at about the 80 km mark we pulled over for supper.I always carry a cooler of food,thermos of tea and my camp chair.We had parked by a small lake.Spending a relaxing half hour here,we soon head back the way we came.

I had a location at a small stream that I was trying to get a good photo.The problems had always been  with the wind,water level too high or the lighting was  just bad .After a very short hike off the road we arrived at the said location.The water level was good allowing for a nice reflection.The wind was non exiting.The lighting was awesome.

The result was the above photo.By watching your lighting as the sun dips further to the horizon you can observe different effects as to what the lighting will do to the landscape.By taken many shots you can determine the composition you like best.This particular composition took 2 years to accomplish.Patience is the name of the game.

It was not long before we lost the lighting effects.Packing up our gear we headed back to the truck knowing that maybe we had some good photos to work with.

Well that is it for now.So until next time happy trails.

After The Storm

Last week my granddaughter Tisha came for a weeks visit.On the Thursday past Tisha and I went out photographing on the Wakanassin River North of Webbwood.The previous week I had explored a section of the river that showed some promise.It was too late in the evening to get anything in the way of a photo.

So loading up our gear and wearing chest waders the two of us proceeded to wade down the river. I was just getting ready to set up the camera when the dark clouds rolled in and we got drenched by four separated showers.The wind picked up briskly and the rain came down very hard.With no where to seek shelter Tisha and I endured the showers standing out in the middle of the river,getting soaked in the meantime.

The showers were short lived and the cloud cover was moving fairly quickly.Looking up river I noticed swirls of mist moving across the face of the hill.I proceeded to set up the camera and tripod and looked around for a good setup to compose my shot.I anchored the left side of the photo with the left river bank at a group of rocks.The wind was now non-existence now so there was some reflection on the water. But what really made the photo was the sun started peeking out from behind the cloud cover creating some beautiful lighting.You had to be quick on the shutter to capture the various lighting highlights and at the same time capture the mist moving in front of the hills.

You will also notice a dark cedar tree in the fore-ground that tends to add depth to the photo.This photo was shot at a shutter speed of 1/13 sec @ f 25 with the lense at 60 mm.

My granddaughter Tisha and I had a great day together in the wilderness and when the sun came out the warmth of the sun soon dried us out.So until next time happy trails.