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Fun With Waves


I was strolling the shoreline of Lake Superior, enjoying a breezy summer afternoon. The waves were picking up in size. Thus I thought would be a good time to capture wave action. It was a fun afternoon. Just shooting away as the waves came in. A beautiful blue sky with some cloud cover.

Later it was a matter of going through the photos and selecting the best ones. I liked the above composition. Lake Superior can give you bigger waves, but you get what you get.

So until next time happy trails.

Shoreline Mood


Dark skies, late evening created the mood that is evident in this particular composition.  A touch of lighting by the setting sun. This is my favourite time of day to get those fine art compositions. Watch the weather, cloud effects, but best of all enjoy a pleasant evening stroll on the shores of Lake Superior.

Rio Blanco River

Rio Blanco_0376


The Rio Blanco River, Nicaragua. I spent part of a day in Rio Blanco with Ira Stephenson, an American Expat friend, exploring the town. The Rio Blanco River flows through this town. We walked to the end of a street where we found a muddy and slippy trail leading down to the river. It was a cloudy day. Misty at times. This made the colors in the landscape saturated. I kept this shot tight with a vertical alignment. There by not to allow a large amount of rocks to be shown. Rocks in the foreground for added depth. The proper shutter speed to show motion in the water. The top one third of the composition is a solid green. This is to tone down the rock colors.

At this time of year the water levels are low. Well that is it for this week. Until next time happy trails


The Long Road Home




As I drive through the night

On a lonely highway

A soft rain is fallen

The night is dark

No traffic in sight

The thoughts of home

Fills my mind

Tis a long way home

Back to my love


Music is playing softly

On the radio

The night is empty

The cool night air refreshing

The thoughts of my

Family sound asleep

Of a lady waiting for me

Tis a long way home

Back to my love


The miles fly by

On this lonely highway

I long for the comfort

Of my lady’s arms

To sleep through the night

The softness of her breathing

Relaxing to me

Tis a Long way home

Back to my lady


A truck stop appears ahead

Lights glowing through the rain

A drive through beckons

A cup of coffee

For the long drive

In the darkness of night

Tis a Long way home

Back to my love


Sipping on my coffee

A feeling of longing

Invades my thoughts

The road now climbing

Into the mountains

Will not be long now

Tis a long way home

Back to my love


Sheet lightning shimmering

From far away

As I enter the mountains

Winding my way higher

The storm fast approaching

I’ll soon be home

With my loving wife

Tis a Long way home

Back to my love



Dazzling light splits the sky

The dull rumble of thunder

A few moments later

As the road climbs higher

The storm now upon me

The roll of thunder now louder

The warmth of home near

Tis a Long way home

Back to my love


The dark ridges outlined

In the dazzling light

A cabin momentarily seen

Home at last

As I turn into the driveway

A dash to the door

As the thunder rolls

Tis a Long way home

Back to my love


There to meet me

Is my dear beloved

A warm smile and hug

Welcome home darling

Tis a Long way home

Back to my love


Breakfast is on the stove

Coffee perking away

A warm smile and hug

Welcome home darling

Children not yet awake

The storm has passed

There is a light shining

Over the mountains

Tis a Long way home

Back to my love

The San Ramon Turn-off






My next stop was between Matagalpa and San Ramon turn off. There is a selection of hills and rocks to work with. Arriving by bus I disembarked at this turn off. Always busy here with local police active at the turn off. This is the time of year when the coffee beans are being picked locally. Therefore anyone coming with a load of coffee beans is pulled over and checked.

When I arrived late afternoon the clouds were heavy. The sun going down. The wind as usual was blowing pretty good. Therefore I was not able to capture low lighting scenes. But I did manage to capture the above scene of this unique hill with a dab of light striking the peak.

That is it for this week. Happy trails.

Along The Jinotega Highway, Nicaragua



As I traveled the Jinotega highway, the mountain views and valleys are incredible. The immense depth of the scenes are incredible. There is cloud cover every day. This allows for beautiful lighting. The biggest issue I have to deal with here is rain and strong winds. Therefore a high shutter speed is a necessity. As always it is a waiting game for the right conditions to happen. Today, tomorrow, who knows. To arrive at these sites I ride the local buses. When a site appears I jump off the bus. I do my work, then wait for the next bus appear and move on.

Well that is this it for this week.  So happy trails from Nicaragua.

The Jinotaga Highway



I have finally got into some serious photography. After weeks of exploring by bus I have selected a number of locations to work with. This means getting off the buses at various locations to photograph. then wait for another bus to get on. This day was very windy. All the rock formations in Nicaragua are volcanic.

I came across the above location that consist of a jagged rock out cropping perched upon a high hill. I used my 70 to 200 lens to  create a close up with more detail of the rocks. There was a dark moving sky in the background. The sky was darkened even more when I processed the photo to enhance the rocks.The foreground trees have that windswept look to them. Thus enhancing the effect of what it was like that evening.

I will close now. So until next time happy trails.

It Hurts




It Hurts


Been working all day

Kids to look after

When the darkness comes

The hurt always returns

I just can’t get

You off my mind

I am so tired of crying


So many emotions

Words have failed me

The pain of being cheated on

I gave you so much

Of my life

I never thought

I could be the other women

It sure hurts you know


What is it about her?

That I don’t have

You left me bitter

About love

But I got to let it be

Move on with my life

Strong Winds Are Blowing



This was an evening capture taking at Sawpit Bay, Lake Superior. The waves were four feet high. Heavy cloud cover with detail. A rock out cropping standing alone. I was set up in a small cove. I wanted enough detail in the waves to create the sense of motion. I made sure I had a small piece of shoreline on the left. Thus I was able to tie in the rock outcropping.

Well that is it for this week. Until next time happy trails.