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Un día lluvioso



Miércoles 19 de octubre el año 2016

Me desperté con el cielo nublado y el deseo de ir a fotografiar. Es la época de lluvias aquí en Nicaragua. Ha llovido toda la tarde. Ahora vivo en Matagalpa, Nicaragua rodeado de montañas que se pasó la mañana y la casa comercial de limpieza para las tiendas de comestibles. He observado continuamente el cielo en busca de signos de lluvia. Las nubes eran de un color gris claro. Miré hacia el Norte. Las montañas estaban cubiertas de niebla. Ahora bien, esto era prometedor. Una oportunidad de capturar algunas escenas de mal humor. Me tomé un almuerzo rápido. Cargado mi equipo de cámara en mi mochila. Luego, por la puerta que fui.

Me paré un taxi que pasaba. La siguiente parada fue la estación de autobuses. Salí del taxi después de pagar mi pasaje. Había un autobús de pasajeros de cargar a San Ramón. Subí a bordo de la partida hasta el desvío de San Ramón. Mientras salía el autobús en el desvío, el cielo se estaba volviendo más oscuro. rápidamente caminaba por una calle lateral configurar mi trípode y la cámara. Hubo algunas composiciones interesantes como se puede ver arriba. Hice parte de un pequeño montículo junto con una parte de una rama de un árbol en primer plano. He encontrado la rama de un árbol interesante debido a su ángulo, pero la iluminación en las hojas fue lo más destacado. De esta manera he logrado una mayor profundidad a la foto. Los ajustes de la cámara para la foto fue 0,5 segundos, f22. Las gotas de lluvia aparecieron como estaba fotografiando.

La lluvia cogió un poco mientras caminaba de una línea de la cerca. Yo era capaz de capturar unos cuantos disparos. La lluvia caía más difícil a estas alturas. Empaqué y me dirigí a algunos edificios en el desvío. Esperé y esperé, pero no había ninguna relajación con la lluvia. Esperé unos cuarenta y cinco minutos. El día estaba cada vez más oscuro. Esto significaba una velocidad de obturación más lentas. Hubo un poco de viento. Es hora de ir a casa y hacer la cena.

Bueno, eso es todo por ahora. Hasta la próxima vez rastros felices

A Rainy Day



Wednesday October 19, 2016

I awoke to cloudy skies and a longing to go photographing. It is the rainy season here in Nicaragua. It has rained every afternoon. I now live in Matagalpa, Nicaragua surrounded by mountains I spent the morning cleaning house and shopping for groceries. I continually observed the sky for signs of rain. The clouds were a light grey. I looked to the North. The mountains were covered with mist. Now this was promising. A chance to capture some moody scenes. I downed a quick lunch. Loaded my camera gear into my day pack. Then out the door I went.

I hailed a passing taxi. Next stop was the bus station. I exited the taxi after paying my fare. There was a bus loading passengers to San Ramon. I climbed aboard heading to the San Ramon turnoff. As I exited the bus at the turnoff, the sky was becoming darker. I quickly walked down a side road to set up my tripod and camera.  There were some interesting compositions as you can see above. I placed part of a small knoll along with a portion of a tree branch in the foreground. I found the tree branch interesting due to its angle, but the lighting on the leaves was the highlight. By doing this I achieved a greater depth to the photo. The camera settings for the photo was 0.5 secs, f22. Drops of rain appeared as I was photographing.

The rain picked up a bit as I walked a fence line. I was able to capture a few more shots. The rain was coming down harder by now. I packed up and headed to some buildings at the turnoff. I waited and waited but there was no let up with the rain. I waited about forty five minutes. The day was getting darker. This meant lower shutter speeds. There was a bit of wind. Time to go home and make supper.

Well that is it for now. Until next time happy trails

The San Ramon Turn-off






My next stop was between Matagalpa and San Ramon turn off. There is a selection of hills and rocks to work with. Arriving by bus I disembarked at this turn off. Always busy here with local police active at the turn off. This is the time of year when the coffee beans are being picked locally. Therefore anyone coming with a load of coffee beans is pulled over and checked.

When I arrived late afternoon the clouds were heavy. The sun going down. The wind as usual was blowing pretty good. Therefore I was not able to capture low lighting scenes. But I did manage to capture the above scene of this unique hill with a dab of light striking the peak.

That is it for this week. Happy trails.

Hello Wind




You are blowing softly today

I feel you on my face

Like the caress of a loved one

You have come from far away

A breath of freshness


Hello trees

I hear you murmuring

Sounds like the one I love

Whispering in my ear

You are still standing

Though many have gone


Hello flowers

You brighten the forest

With your vibrant colors

Like a lady I once cherished


Hello stream

The sounds you make

As you journey through the forest

Gurgling and burbling carefree

To an unknown lake

Reminds me of my love

In happy moments


Hello sun ray

Filtering through the trees

You bring a ray of hope

For those who can’t cope

Of a long lost love

Hurry the Dawn

Hurray Dawn


A storm is raging

In the darkness of night

My mind is adrift

In the seas of time

Looking for a port of call

My body is restless

Like the surging winds

My heart is aching

As I lie alone

In my rumpled bed

Hurry the dawn


My shoulders are heavy

With the burden of life

My eyes are moist

As the rain patters

On the roof top

The sound of thunder

Echoing in the mountains

The flash of lightning

Illuminates the room

Casting eerie shadows on the walls

Darkness returns as the storm rages

I am a lonely man

Hurry the dawn


Rising in the dawn

The storm has abated

To step outside

The patter of rain is faint

On the rustling leaves

Blending with the subdued rustle

The forest whispering to itself

The dawn has come reluctantly

Glowing sullen through

A dark cloudy sky

A beam of light

Pierces the morning sky

Bringing forth a ray of hope

The mind has cleared

The body in repose

The beauty of the land

Hurry the dawn

Design Elements

Sea Of Light


Lighting is a powerful tool to capture those unique landscape photos. My first impression of the mountains of Nicaragua was how am I going to create a composition. Where I come from there is rock, trees and water. What is missing in these mountains was water. With that in mind I sat and just observed. Before long I noticed these incredible displays of lighting happening before my eyes. There is for the most part clouds moving in the sky. This is what gives you that unique display of lighting that magically appears here and there.

Now I had to have design elements for compositions. From where I am the mountains were for the most part in the background. The highlands and hills in the foreground. But what really sets things off is the open spaces to be found. Look at the trees next time you are out. They have unique shapes and forms that give that extra artistic touch. Throw in the lighting and you get that unique photo as you see above. Do not forget the land contours in this part of the world. I find they are very unique. The contours can be used as a design element in your composition. If you can just watch and look at the scene before you as vertical and horizontal lines then you will be able to capture that great shot.

Everyone pretty much learned geometry in school. With that in mind look for geometric shapes to incorporate into your next photographic experience.  The curve of the hills; the tree shapes, plus how the land shapes look. There is lots to see out there once you get pass the outer layer.

While that is it for now. Spring is slowly evolving here. Art shows are happening. Greeting fellow artists. So until next time happy trails


Magic Of Light

A Touch Of Light


A cafe in hand

A chair beckons

A mountainous view

Off to the east

Darkening in the coming

Of the night

A refreshing cool breeze

Dispersing the day’s heat

The parrots have returned

To where ever they roost

The white plumed garza

Long since gone

The sky dark and threatening

Clouds a somber grey

A beam of light

Emerging from the clouds

To cast a golden ray

In a moment of glory

Over a rounded hill

As the clouds roll on

The light slowly fades

Darkness descends once again

While I sip my cafe