Along The Jinotega Highway, Nicaragua



As I traveled the Jinotega highway, the mountain views and valleys are incredible. The immense depth of the scenes are incredible. There is cloud cover every day. This allows for beautiful lighting. The biggest issue I have to deal with here is rain and strong winds. Therefore a high shutter speed is a necessity. As always it is a waiting game for the right conditions to happen. Today, tomorrow, who knows. To arrive at these sites I ride the local buses. When a site appears I jump off the bus. I do my work, then wait for the next bus appear and move on.

Well that is this it for this week.  So happy trails from Nicaragua.


~ by kenben on 01/05/2016.

3 Responses to “Along The Jinotega Highway, Nicaragua”

  1. Stunning view. Love how the light falls on the trees

  2. […] time cutting down the field to just five posts. (Honorable mentions to Ken Bennison’s “Along The Jinotega Highway, Nicaragua,” and Cook & Librarian’s excellent article, “Snapping […]

  3. Sounds like a great trip 🙂

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