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ON Duty



I was walking in a new neighborhood in Jinotega, that I had not been before. The lighting was good during a late afternoon. Rain was threatening. A rather large dog appeared on my left across the street.

The dog appeared quite suddenly, poking its head through a narrow opening in the metal door. There was a lot of vertical lines in the scene. Therefore I created a vertical composition.

Fun With Waves


I was strolling the shoreline of Lake Superior, enjoying a breezy summer afternoon. The waves were picking up in size. Thus I thought would be a good time to capture wave action. It was a fun afternoon. Just shooting away as the waves came in. A beautiful blue sky with some cloud cover.

Later it was a matter of going through the photos and selecting the best ones. I liked the above composition. Lake Superior can give you bigger waves, but you get what you get.

So until next time happy trails.