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Let Your Mind Be Peaceful


There is peace and quiet standing here. Let your eyes absorb the beauty. Let the day be yours. In the surrounding mountains.

Through The Mountains

It is summer here in Nicaragua now. But like everywhere else in the world, the weather patterns have been messed up. Lately there has been plenty of rain, bringing cooler temperatures. It has been a week now since I finally made it out for some photographic fun. It was a beautiful warm sunny day. A little late in the morning for the best lighting. The haze was a little annoying to deal with.

It was on a Monday past that I was joined by a good Nica friend. I had secured his services the day before. We topped off his motorcycle with gas. Then away we went cruising through the mountains. It had been many years since I traveled by motorcycle.

I was attracted by a rock knob on the mountain top as shown in the photo. The lush greens of the landscape is long gone. Replaced by parched earth. There is tremendous depth here in the photo. From foreground to background you are given a sense of depth vertically and horizontally. You will see buildings in the left corner of photo. They give you the sense scale to the whole composition. The rock knob is only a portion of my composition, but is there. I allowed the sky to be half of the photo. Thus a sense of overall vastness that are the mountains. In this type of work I want you to envision the feeling of a 3D feel.

I will close now, till next week. So until next week happy trails

A Whimsical Isle



A whimsical isle offshore

Evergreens crowd the center

Struggling to maintain hold

Among the worn rocks

The trees are dwarfed

With inadequacy of food

Time and time again

The ravages of Lake Superior

Overwhelm the tiny island

After each bout of ferocity

The little trees still stand

A testament of strength

To withstand the brutality

Of the unforgiving waters


With a lowering sun

The water is calm

A rare moment it is

The trees stand bold

In the evening solitude

White clouds flirting

Across the blue sky

Reflecting upon the water

The horizon turning pink

From the sun’s glow


The shadows are creeping

Over the reposing land

Darkness has now descended

The isle mere silhouette

Upon the placid waters

The sky is clearing

The stars luminous in the night sky

The moon casts a silver glow

Over the diminutive isle

There is a sense

Of quietude and peace

Along the rugged shoreline













The Color Yellow

Well walking the shoreline of the Vermillion River near my home early one morning,I came across the above composition.The fog had lifted.The sun lit up the yellow leaves on the left.I had a Birch tree and another tree trunk to work with.The two trunks created a V shape.I shot tight to the shore line using the green grass as my foreground.There was  some pieces of wood at the base.I kept the yellow leafs that were sunlit to the left in the photo.Just showed some sky at the top which was a beautiful blue along with the white clouds,

While that is it for this week.I just returned from O S A Lake in Killarney Provincial Park.We spent 5 days there photographing.I will do a post sometime next week when I have processed some photos. So until next ime happy trails.