A Whimsical Isle



A whimsical isle offshore

Evergreens crowd the center

Struggling to maintain hold

Among the worn rocks

The trees are dwarfed

With inadequacy of food

Time and time again

The ravages of Lake Superior

Overwhelm the tiny island

After each bout of ferocity

The little trees still stand

A testament of strength

To withstand the brutality

Of the unforgiving waters


With a lowering sun

The water is calm

A rare moment it is

The trees stand bold

In the evening solitude

White clouds flirting

Across the blue sky

Reflecting upon the water

The horizon turning pink

From the sun’s glow


The shadows are creeping

Over the reposing land

Darkness has now descended

The isle mere silhouette

Upon the placid waters

The sky is clearing

The stars luminous in the night sky

The moon casts a silver glow

Over the diminutive isle

There is a sense

Of quietude and peace

Along the rugged shoreline














~ by kenben on 03/17/2015.

8 Responses to “A Whimsical Isle”

  1. A wonderful photo with a very good poetic description…

  2. I love how each line of your poem sits on its own and builds, describing this unique Isle with admiration and care. Beautiful moment captured as well, the waters so calm!

  3. Walking the shorelines of Lake Superior is a beautiful experience. Thank you Carrie

  4. Wow man really nice landscape and great photo. Bravo

  5. Stunning photo and I love your poem too.

  6. Thank you Raewyn. Hope all is going well over there. It is now Spring here, but more like winter

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