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Late Summer Storm

From out of the North

A cold wind blows

Churning the lake’s surface

Into a frothy turmoil

A Common Loon bobbing

On the surface of the lake

Paying no heed

Over the far horizon

Dark and ominous clouds appear

Soon to engulf the land

The sound of thunder

Off in the distance

Mother Earth’s warning

Of a storm fast approaching

The thunder rolls

Echoing through the mountains

Lighting flashes

Illuminating the landscape

In its momentary light

The rain dapples the lake’s surface

In endless patterns on the water

The rain falling steady now

To drench the landscape

The thunder rolls

The lightning flashes

As quickly as it came

The storm passes on

The sky is clearing itself

Of high scudding clouds

The sun has returned

To warm the land

The above photo was taken early one morning on O S A lake in Killarney Provincial Park.The early morning lighting and mist was great.I chose to create a panoramic view with the La Cloche Mountains.I also elected to create a black and white Image for effect.

Check out this blog by Danita Cahill who is a very talented lady.



Well that is it for this week.So until next time happy trails.

Sunrise and Colorful Rocks

This is a very interesting composition that I was able to capture on my last trip into OSA Lake in Killarney Provincial Park.The shore line had a colorful collection of rocks of various sizes and shapes.I just needed something to go with it.As you spend time in various locals you will discover locations that could produce a good shot.They just need something to complete the composition.

It is a matter of waiting and as you can see from the photo above it is sunrise.So with the sun coming up and the rocky shore line in the foreground I was able to complete the scene.The early morning light gives the rocks the warm colors and the golden reflections tie in the photo front to back.As I said previously I keep these various locations in the back of my mind and return time and again till I get what I want.You will also note that there is an interesting cloud pattern that developed as I took this photo.

The shot was taken with a shutter speed of 1/10 sec @ f22.I set up my tripod and Canon 7d and just waited for the right moment before taken a number of exposures.

Well that is it for this post.So until next time happy trails.

Evening Solitude

As I sit under a gnarled old pine tree
By the shores of a wilderness lake
Tea in hand,enjoying the even solitude
The water itself a living torquise blue,perfectly clear
As it caresses the rocky shoreline
The wind is but a murmur among the trees
The La Cloche Mountains are ablaze in the colors of Fall
The shoreline is dotted here and there
With yellow,orange and red
The mountain sides are bathed in a warm glow
As the sun descends the Western horizon
The moon has risen over the lake ever so faint
The stars are twinkling ever so faintly
The air is clear and crisp, a sign of Fall
I sip my tea in this enchanted world
By a wilderness lake in the far North
The lighting is no longer harsh
But with a warmth to stir the heart
The shadows are lengthing,the rocks are aglow
This is the magical moment before darkness descends
The changing of the seasons full upon us
Darkness unfolds all around me
The path of the moon is now upon the surface of the lake
The stars are bright
It is now nighttime on a far wilderness lake
Far away in the distant, the call of a lone wolf is heard

Many of you would be able visualize with the above scenario
if you spend any time camping.Most evenings are a time of relaxation
and enjoying the vista that surrounds you.
A nice cup of tea,coffee or hot chocolate adds to the enjoyment.
The above photo is a good example of one of those quiet,peaceful evenings.
The La Cloche Mountains are covered with Fall color.
The water is calm.What better place to be but on a wilderness lake.
In this case OSA Lake in Killarney Provincial Park.
So that is it for this week.Happy Trails

Daybreak Part 3

From out of nowhere,a wandering wind

Dances here and there on the lake surface

Rippling the water,distorting the mirrored reflections

The mist has cleared,the spell is broken

The hills are ablaze in a coat of many colors

The doe has returned from whence she came

The wind has strengthened

The lake in turmoil

Thus ends a magical morning

A rare glimpse of Mother Earth’s enchantment

To stir the soul with peace and tranquility

To be cherished forever more

Let us preserve this valuable commodity given to us

That our children and grandchildren

May enjoy for years to come.

Thus ends my poem that I hope you can all enjoy.So until next time happy trails

Daybreak Part 2

The Loon is calling for it’s mate, lost in the mist

The sun is now casting it’s first golden rays

The scattered islands emerge from their nightly vigil

The Four Sisters like sleeping giants

Emerge from the morning mist

Their rounded tops ablaze in red

To meet the dawning of a new day

Out of the mist comes the loon with a flash of wings

To greet the emerging day

With a swirl of wings,four small ducks

Alight among the islands to partake in a morning feed

A whitetail doe emerges from the forest

Ever watchful as she steps to the water’s edge

Dips her head to spate her thirst

When I had first paddled OSA Lake with my wife Maureen,we spotted four rounded rocky tops on the South side of the lake.I was quite taken with the view we had and I jokingly called them the Four Sisters.My wife just smiled and we have called these rock formations that are part of the La Cloche Mountain system by that name ever since.I am not aware as to whether they actually have a name.I am bound and determine to capture this scenic view but will have to wait another year.I captured them in outline but not in detail.

The above photo was taken from the same setup as the photo in the previous post.By waiting and being patient you will get a number of different lighting conditions as the morning progresses.It is quite remarkable to watch this happen while you sit spellbound and in awe of what is happening before you.

That is it for this post.So until next time happy Trails


The surface of the lake is like an enchanted mirror

The lake is bathed in reflected images of the surrounding shorelines.

The sun has yet to crest the Eastern horizon

There is mist among the scattered islands

The isles appear as ghostly silhouettes,guardians of the lake

The La Cloche Mountains hidden behind a veil of mist

Awaiting the warmth of the morning light

From out of the mist,the lonely call of the Common Loon can be heard

I thought I would do something different this post.I am not a poet.I thought I would put down the above thoughts as they came to me while I viewed this photo in print.It was truly an enchanting morning in the wilderness on OSA Lake in Killarney Provincial Park.It took a four day and a five day trip into OSA to capture this photo along with others.

That is it for this post.Happy trails.

Day Two at OSA Lake

By now it is Tuesday our last full day at OSA Lake.I was able to do some photography that morning.The above photo was taken that morning.I used the island and reflections as my foreground.The reflections are not perfect but they create the desired affect that I was looking for.The sun painted the La Cloche Mountains in the background highlighting the blaze of color on the hillsides.The island had a nice glow to it from the early morning sun.The white clouds in the upper left of the photo added great appeal.I gotta tell you I do not seem to be able to get the nice white clouds very often.When they are available I make use of them.

I returned to camp for a nice hot coffee and bagel.Maureen and I talked over what we would do that day.We both agreed to paddle over to the Muriel Lake portage.From there we walked over to Muriel Lake for a look see.It was a beautiful morning with the sunlight creating a dappling affect through the trees.This was another portage with large Hemlock trees and open bush.Maureen and I arrived at Muriel Lake after a 595 m walk.Our first view was a grassy open area that you had to traverse around to get to the lake.

As we walked towards the lake I noticed spider webs covered with dew in the tall grass.Now would this not make an interesting photo with the spider web covered in dew and the La Cloche Mountains in the background.A project for another trip.We walked over to the lake and proceeded along the shoreline to the far end of the lake.As we walked we heard running water and sure enough ahead of us was a small stream of clear water entering the lake.Maureen and I sat on an old log and just sat there enjoying the morning and the scenery.The view of the La Cloche Mountains appeared to be on the North side of  Muriel Lake.

With a last look around we made our way back to the portage.As we walked through the portage Maureen and I took photos of one another beside a large Hemlock.When I approached OSA a grouse walked slowly across the trail ahead of me followed by two more grouse.They were probably this years offspring.I motioned to Maureen and we watched the grouse quietly move further into the bush out of site.Launching the canoe we paddled back to our campsite for lunch.

Well that is it for this post,so until next time happy trails.