Further Adventures on OSA Lake

The second day on OSA turned out to be a wet one.Maureen and I spent most of our time in the tent as the sky darkened and rain fell quite heavy.It started to rain around 10:30 am and did not let up till 5:30 that evening.We finally made our way out of the tent into a wet,damp campsite. I quickly got supper going along with a pot of tea.

There is always a resident chipmunk and squirrels at every campsite.The chipmunk at this campsite was quite tame.We watched as the chipmunk returned time and again with its mouth full of food.It would bury the food somewhere nearby.The family of squirrels were a delight to watch as the young ones would chase each other around the forest floor.If you happen to be walking along the trail to the lake quite often one would peek at you from around a tree trunk at eye level.It would then zoom off after its other sibling to play.

With the wind not cooperating again that evening I stayed in camp enjoying a warm campfire and hot chocolate.I awoke the next morning to a misty day.I captured the above scene that morning when the sun lit up the hill side.Your eye is drawn through the narrows to the hillside were the morning sunlight is splashing trees and rocks leaving a nice warm glow.The water was not calm so I did not add much in the way of water.I chose to go tight with the narrows.The individual areas that the sun touches upon helps to create a very nice composition along with the mist to add a mystical quality to the photo.

Of interest here is that the night before I sat on the shoreline watching around me when I spotted two does come out of the point and proceeded to walk through the water towards the island.They were able to walk about three quarters of the way out before swimming.They entered the woods on the island.Let me clarify that what appears to be a point on the left of the photo is actually an island.The deer reappeared at the far end of the island where they swam to a larger island in front of our campsite.After that I did not see them again.I called quietly to Maureen to come and watch the deer.By now it was getting dark and we retreated to the fire for our nightly hot chocolate.

That is it for now so until next time happy trails.


2 thoughts on “Further Adventures on OSA Lake”

  1. Ken, I really enjoy your blog. I often read it in the morning, when I first get up and the dogs are quiet and the sun is barely up. I find your images inspiring, and your words are a pleasure to read. It’s a great way to start my day. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you Molly.I am glad you enjoy my blog as much as I do going to these locations photographing and sharing my trips on the internet.


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