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Entrance To Killarney Lake


It is late June.

The evening sun low

In the western sky

Sunlight filters through

The shoreline Pines

Pine pollen drifts on the quiet waters.

The La Cloche Mountains

Visible through the narrows

Clouds are scudding overhead

Moose tracks are visible

Along the muddy shoreline

Only hours old

A scene that greets

Many a portaging canoeist

As they journey into

The heart of the

White quartz La Cloche Range

Threading their laden canoes

Through narrow channels

Paddling gently to observe

The quiet evening beauty

Before emerging into the

A clear, sapphire lake

That is Killarney Lake

Set among Jack Pine hills

White quartz ridges rise

High on either side

Pink granite scattered haphazard

Along the rugged shorelines

A tranquil scene

Of turquoise blue waters

In the even stillness

Before the last rays

Of the setting sun

Spring is here now in the North Country. It is getting warmer. But the snow is deep.

Until next time happy trails.

Four Sisters



Not a breath of wind

Is to be had

The sky all red and orange

The dawn of a new day

Is upon the land

The Four Sisters eroded descendants

Of peaks once young in height

With quartz cliffs that gleam

Like snow from a far

A craggy imposing landscape

That others have passed

Many thousand of years before

Covered with jack pine ridges

Descending oak,maple and pine

Cover the mountain side

In the bowels of the mountains

Sapphire lakes gleam in the morning light

Mirroring the surrounding landscape

On their glass like surface

Sloping red granite offset

The stark white quartz

Upon a windswept ridge

A twisted pine braves the elements

Having landed there as a seed

Growing up as best as it can

Now part of the landscape

Bit by bit the Four sisters

Are revealed as rounded humps

Against the  glowering sky

Revealing their everlasting beauty

To paddlers and hikers now passing by

Being among the La Cloche Mountain system is a very inspirational experience for anyone who has been there.There is much beauty to be found as one canoes or hikes this mountain system in Killarney Provincial Park

The above scene is a series of photos put together to create the composition.I photographed the panoramic at O S A Lake in Killarney Provincial Park last Fall.At one point the mist was lifting and the sky was a gorgeous Orange and Red for a few minutes.In this particular section of the La Cloche Mountains their are four rounded humps visible on the South side of O S A Lake.The name Four Sisters is my own doing.