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Old Buildings


My daughter Maryjean arrived midmorning at my apartment last Friday morning. We drove down to Midland for the 9th Annual Juried Art Show at Quest Art. The reception and rewards were at 7:pm. We checked in at the Best Western. Maryjean discovered that there was a pool here. So off we went to Wal-Mart to find her a bathing suit. I do not know what it is, but I seem to end up in a Wal-Mart were ever I go.

I had not been to Midland since Quest Art’s last show in 2012. Since then, they had moved to their new location. It is a  beautiful location and spacious. We enjoyed a nice evening and met a few people that we chatted with. We had a wonderful chat with Hazel Ferry. Hazel was a volunteer for the night. She is a wonderful painter in watercolours. Hazel can be reached at her email.


The reception was over at 9:00. As I walked out the door the church across the street caught my eye. The beautiful stained glass windows were backlit with the brick wall lit by streetlights. The above composition is the result. I did not want the whole building. I concentrated on the windows and brick arches to achieve the desired effects.

We enjoyed our stay in Midland. There was a lovely little fish and chip establishment on the main street where Maryjean and I had supper. Well that is it for now. So until next time happy trails.

Total Reflection

This two shot pano was taken last fall on OSA Lake in Killarney Provincial Park.The La Cloche Mountains are in the background.I was captivated by the clarity of the trees along the shoreline.The reflection was picture perfect.There was just enough fall color to add to the over all composition.There was still some mist in the upper hills.The only thing I did not like was the bland skies.With that in mind I kept the sky to a minimum. That is actually an island in the photo.I added a touch of rock in the foreground to the right to tie everything in.

That is it for this week.Thursday I am off to Midland Ontario where I have 2 photos in the Quest for Art Juried Art Show.I have added the invitations to the reception.If you are in the area please stop by for a chat and you can view a couple of my compositions live.So until next time happy trails.