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An Interesting Point

On my previous trip to O S A Lake in Killarney Provincial Park we camped on a large island.The island is large enough to allow many photo opportunities. Walking the shoreline I spotted this interesting little point jutting out into the lake.It contained beautiful structure detail that was enhanced by the reflections created in the water.So using the point as my foreground,the small rock island as my middle ground and the forested La Cloche Mountains for the background I was able to create the above composition.

The late evening sun was highlighting the Maple trees on the hillside giving a nice yellowish glow to reflect into the water.Looking at the point in foreground you will see blue on certain parts of the rocks.If I was to remove this blue you would get a dull grey color.I do not know if this is due to the camera’s sensors or the late evening lighting.I have come across this many times with the type of rock structure found in the La Cloche Mountains.

Well that is it for this week as I have been busy preparing for The Killarney Art Show this coming Saturday and Sunday.If you are in the area stop in at the show.There will be many very good artists there.25 %  of all purchased art work goes to The Friends of Killarney to help them in there many projects at Killarney Provincial Park.You can check there website here.


While you are in Killarney enjoy some of the best fish and chips at the waterfront. Till next time happy trails.

What is Behind the Campsite.

This past Friday myself,my daughter and son-in-law headed for Muriel Lake in Killarney Provincial Park.We had to cover 5 lakes and 4 portages to the campsite.We did not get away till 4:00 that afternoon.A quick check into the park office for camping permits and we were soon loading the canoe at the George Lake beach.We decided to eat a quick supper before we left.It turned out to be a very hot weekend.

Launching the canoe we were off on our adventure.George Lake is about a 40 to 50 minute paddle to the first portage of 90 meters. Off loading our gear we quickly carried over to Freeland Lake and headed to the next portage.The wind was light so the going was easy.Freeland Lake has a fair amount of vegetation in the form of lily pads.

The Killarney Lake portage soon arrived and we carried all our gear and canoe over.This was a 380 meter carry over.You could feel the heat.Once out into the open water the beauty of the La Cloche Mountain system is much evident.We had a short canoe paddle at the upper end of Killarney Lake to get to the carry over into O S A Lake.There are a lot of campers at this time of year and most folks are friendly.

We quickly hauled over the 455 meters to O S A Lake.This lake is one off my favorite lakes to photograph.Launching into the turquoise blue waters,the sun fading,we made our way to the West end of the lake.Arriving at our last portage we made haste to make it over to Muriel Lake.This portage was 595 meters.By this time it was now dark.There was enough light to make our way to the West end of the lake.There are two campsites at this location.We chatted with one of the campers who told us were the campsite was.

We arrived at the general location of this campsite and proceeded to search for it on shore with flashlights.My son-in-law located it and we unloaded and got the tent setup.The mosquitoes are bad here once the sun goes down.I was tired so off to bed I went.

The above photo was a panoramic that I took the following evening.At the time it was hot and muggy.As I strolled along a path behind our campsite I came across this beautiful,serene scene.This would make a different take on what I usually photograph.I set the Canon 7d to take multiple exposures at different shutter speeds.With The camera set at vertical I proceeded to do six shots to cover the whole scene that you see above.

When I got home I processed each set of exposures in HDR.Then I did a photo-merge in Photoshop to create the 20″x60″ photo.I did not do any processing in HDR.This is a great way to bring out the shadow details.With the La Cloche Mountains in the background and reflecting into any open water,the various shades of green and grey deadheads over the swampy area added up to an interesting shot.

Well that is it for now.I will continue the story at another date.So until next time happy trails.


The Trail to Grace Lake

This was our first trip into the Killarney Provincial Park interior 2012.I had booked 5 days into Grace Lake.This was one of the lakes that was popular with some members of the Group of Severn.I had spent the previous week packing and cooking for this trip that would consist of my daughter Maryjean and I.Monday morning arrived and off we went.The weather was excellent and the wind was light.

We drove West on hwy 17 to the Espanola turnoff,then onto hwy 6.We drove through the town of Espanola heading South.It was not long before we saw the sign for the Widgawa Lodge turnoff.We drove down a gravel road and were soon at the lodge.Widgawa Lodge is located on the West River which would take us into Charlton,Frood and Cranberry Lakes.The lodge is Ponderosa style with a very friendly atmosphere. We had a great time chatting with Cornelia and Joshhua owners of the Widgawa Lodge.These folks are very friendly and make you feel at home right away.If you are interested in making bookings here,by all means check out there website

http://www.widgawalodge.ca or contact them by email: info@widgawalodge.

Widgawa Lodge is also were you have to check in before heading into the West end of Killarney Provincial Park.

Once we obtained our camping permits we quickly unloaded the canoe and stored our gear required for the trip.We would not be coming out until Friday.Launching the canoe we made our way to the mouth of West River.There were painted turtles sunning themselves on the logs as we guided by.Hitting the open water we made our way to Willisville forty minutes away.At Willisville there is a narrow channel to pass through into Frood Lake.Reaching the South end of the channel we turned East and paddled through Frood Lake into Cranberry Lake.After 2 hours and 15 minutes of paddling we found the portage into Grace Lake at the end of Cranberry Lake.Upon unloading the canoe we donned our backpacks and started our trek of 1370 meters.This is getting close to a mile. This will be the longest portage I have done so far. As we moved along we soon discovered that this portage was up hill in a lot of places.It was not long before we crossed a pretty little crystal clear creek that ran over gravel and boulders. By  this time we were getting thirsty and hot.I love it when I can quench my thirst in clear cold water.This creek starts at Grace Lake and empties into Cranberry Bay.Picking up our packs we continued along the portage with a few blackflies looking for blood. There is a big boulder beside the trail about the half way mark, where one can take a breather.By putting my backsack on top of this rock I was able to lean against the boulder with the weight of the backpack off my shoulders.

One of the things I have always enjoyed traveling the various portages in the Park is the beautiful old trees you see.This portage was no exception.From towering Hemlock,majestic White Pine and Birch trees dotting the landscape.The portage into Grace Lake also has its share of old yellow birch that are solitary by nature.

By this time Maryjean and I were starting to feel the effects of all the climbing along with the warm weather.My legs were aching now.All of a sudden we burst out on to the shoreline of Grace Lake.I have to tell you there was a magnificent scene before us.The lake was dotted with islands and surrounded by the white quartz rocks of the La Cloche Mountains.

We took a short break, enjoying the vista before us before heading back down the trail to get the canoe.The good thing was that having no load to carry and mostly downhill travel we made good time back to Cranberry Lake.We proceeded back up the trail with the canoe.Maryjean and I took turns shouldering the canoe along the portage and by the time we returned to Grace Lake both of us were sore and stiff.The wost was over as we loaded up and canoed along the lake shore checking out the campsites.Grace Lake appears to be approximately 2 kilometers long with the East end being the widest and open water.There is quite a number of small islands locate on this lake.We chose the campsite North side of the lake about the middle.

Unpacking the gear,the tent was quick to go up and before long supper was heating up.The black flies were not that much of a problem as the wind was blowing.For that matter the wind never did cease that evening and we were not able to do any photographing.Being tired with lots of aching muscles we retired as darkness approached  for a good nights sleep.

I will continue my tale of photographing in Grace Lake at a latter date so until next time happy trails.

Pink Rocks

Last Friday I took a late afternoon hike into Killarney Provincial Park.I parked at the East end of the campgrounds.There were a few campers camping here as I made my way to the hiking trail.First on the list is a fairly steep climb up a ridge and then walking down off of the same ridge.I arrived at the Eastern shorelines of A Y Jackson lake.This is one of my favorite lakes to photograph.It has all the components for an excellent composition.

I gazed up at the mountain sides in the distance and noticed that there was a lot of bare trees yet.It would be a few weeks before there was good color on the hillsides.I continued my trek and the next stop would be Little Shegelander Lake.I made my way down to the only campsite on this lake and a pretty location it is.As I looked around I counted 13 piles of Moose dropping around the campsite area.A moose had spent the winter here.

I walked back up the trail and continued East.I was heading for the East side of the lake.The walking was good and soon I left the trail and made my way back down to the lake.There is a wonderful view as you walk the trail above the lake.You can also view parts of George Lake.

While walking through the bush I spotted a small tree growing on the side of a cliff.The neat thing was the patterns that were created by the rocks.Also there was a section of pink granite running at an angle.In Killarney Provincial Park you will come across this type of granite in different locales.The wind was blowing,so reflections were out of the question.There was some vegetation on the opposite site of the pink granite.But as I set up my 7D Canon on my tripod The tree in the clevis was in shade.I sat down under a Pine Tree along the shore.The thing now was to wait and see how the lighting would be as time passed.After a half an hour or so the sunlight started to light up part of the little tree.I waited a little longer and there was more sunlight splashing on the tree.Also the vegetation located on the right hand side of the pink granite lit up from the sunlight.

Then something neat happen.The pink granite took on a different hue.I quickly took a number of shots at different settings.I looked at the sun behind me and saw no cloud cover,the sky was blue and I have no idea what changed the lighting.After a couple minutes the effect disappeared.I had captured a moment in time.

I soon finished up shooting here and moved on.The wind was not quieting down and there was a coolness on the evening breeze.I found a sunny nook out of the wind.I settled down among some rocks and eat my sandwich while I listened to the water gently lapping up on the rocks.

While that is it for this week.I thank everyone for there comments,much appreciated.I now have greeting cards available at the Killarney Provincial Park office.So until next week happy trails

La Cloche Mountains

Like strokes of a Painter’s brush

A swath of color here

A dash of color there

The mountains come alive

In the early morning light

The surface of the lake

Awash in reflective color

Of the surrounding hills

A touch of mist

On the far shoreline

Fallen leaves drifting aimlessly

Before the morning breeze

As the sun emerges

Over the eastern horizon

Splashing its golden glow

On the emerging mountains

From the shadows of night

A far rocky point is awash

With tentacles of sunlight

The sun now reaching

The depths of the shoreline

The trees alive with morning light

A small pine tree

Alone on a near point

Glowing from the sunlight

Like a warning beacon

To attract passing canoeists

Thus concludes a wonderful

Fall morning to be found

Amongst the La Cloche Mountains

The above photo captured what is a common site in the La Cloche Mountain Range on a beautiful Fall Morning.The mountains are awash in there colors of orange,red and yellow along with the various shades of green.It something to cherish when you can have this opportunity to enjoy this wilderness beauty.To breath in the cool crisp air and smell the surrounding forest in your nostrils.

The photo was taken at O S A Lake in Killarney Provincial Park.This beautiful lake is nestled amongst the La Cloche Mountains.Well that is it for this week.Thank you everyone for stopping by for a visit.Until next time happy trails.

Killarney Lake

One of the many lakes found in Killarney Provincial Park that offer picture book settings.Killarney Lake is nestled in the La Cloche Mountain system.With sapphire colored water and surrounded by white quartz mountains that  creates a picture of serene beauty.Killarney Lake runs in a East, West direction with a large open expanse of water.There are two islands located at the East end of the lake that offer some interesting photo compositions.But bear in mind that the wind can create a problem due to the open expanse of water.There are portages at each end of the lake.The West end portage will take you int OSA Lake.The portage at the East end of the lake goes into Norway Lake.

I just returned from Midland,Ontario where I attended the Quest For Art 8th Annual Juried Art Show.I had both my works accepted.There was a good turn out and I enjoyed meeting a lot of new people.If you are in the area stop in at the gallery and enjoy the show.

Well that is it for this week.So until next time happy trails.

Total Reflection

This two shot pano was taken last fall on OSA Lake in Killarney Provincial Park.The La Cloche Mountains are in the background.I was captivated by the clarity of the trees along the shoreline.The reflection was picture perfect.There was just enough fall color to add to the over all composition.There was still some mist in the upper hills.The only thing I did not like was the bland skies.With that in mind I kept the sky to a minimum. That is actually an island in the photo.I added a touch of rock in the foreground to the right to tie everything in.

That is it for this week.Thursday I am off to Midland Ontario where I have 2 photos in the Quest for Art Juried Art Show.I have added the invitations to the reception.If you are in the area please stop by for a chat and you can view a couple of my compositions live.So until next time happy trails.

Turner Point

Turner Point is located on George Lake in the main campgrounds at Killarney Provincial Park,Northern Ontario. In the background is Hawk’s Ridge.The rock structure around many areas of the shoreline consists of reddish granite rock.The La Cloche Mountains are in the background are composed of white Quartz rock covered with trees.In this instance fall colors.

This was a heavy overcast day. The rain had just eased off from a heavy downpour.There was a fair bit of fog this morning and I had already taken a number of shots.For a while the fog was so thick you could not see anything.I knew there was some color in the background and I had to be patient.It was still early in the Fall for full color.As I waited the fog begun to lift and slowly the mountains became clear and when the splash of colors showed up is when I began shooting.I created this composition with two photos taken that day.

While that is it for this week.In my part of the country it is a holiday called Family Day.It is nice when all families can get together.So until next time happy trails.