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Bog Island


I discovered this little bog island at the far end of a small shallow lake a few years ago. It is located  up the Westbranch behind Webbwood Ontario. I fell in love with the potential of a composition that could be had here. This little island had character. From the shape of the vegetation; some deadheads and a clump of small evergreens. The main problem here was to be able to separate the island from the background. The lake is nestled amongst  Spruce trees so everything would blend in. You would then get a bland photo.

With that in mind I needed good lighting. Luckily, were I was able to set up my tripod and Canon EOS 7d the shoreline sloped upwards. This allowed me to get some separation from the far shoreline. This shot worked best in November. The sun is low to the horizon. The vegetation on the island turns a orange, red color. That helps relieve a lot of green. Now the trick is to get the right lighting. You have to have that island stand out from the background. That is very important. I made many trips to this location until I got it right. Early morning did not create the required lighting.

Finally it all came together. It was a beautiful sunny November afternoon. It was 3:30 Pm. The sunlight lit the island up like a torch. The light was coming from the left which was good. I was now getting sun flares in my lens. I used my hat to block the sun flares and shot the above photo. What also helps this composition is the lighting in the background. You can see individual branches being lit up. This is what turns an ordinary photo into a dramatic composition. Lighting.

The above photo was accepted at the 119th Toronto International Salon of Photography.

Well I will close for now. So until next time happy trails.

Autumn on The Vermillion

This is one of my favourite locations in the Fall to capture the Autumn colors. The Vermillion River just West of Sudbury, Ontario provides me with some very unique opportunities to photograph. I was driving home on Hwy 17 from Sudbury late one evening .I slowed down as the bridge over the Vermillion River came into view. Parking my Ford Explorer  on the side of the highway I grabbed my camera and tripod and scrambled down the embankment to the river‘s edge. The river was as smooth as glass and there was a great deal of saturation in the colors. Across from me is a rock point that has always been photogenic over the years. There was enough color to be had, but not overpowering. I myself prefer scattered Fall colors that can work in a composition. With the evergreens and the white Birch trunks to add contrast I composed the above composition.

‎’La Cloche Spirit’ by Jon Butler is now in Sudbury. Jon is a very good photographer who has over the years captured the many moods of The La Cloche Mountains. For more information go to Jon’s website.


Well that is it for this week. My wife and I have just finished moving into Sudbury. It was a hectic past week. I am now set up to proceed with my work. If any of you are in the area please stop by for a viewing of my work. So until next time happy trails.

Sunlit Grass

Jan Winther and I were walking the shoreline of a small lake up the Westbranch.It was mid-morning.The wind was calm with mist rolling off the shores of this lake.Now this is a lake that is pretty much down in a hollow.The Tamarack trees are now bare.The lakes this far North are surrounded mostly by evergreens.

We are now into November,the days are shorter and cooler.The sun travels at a lower elevation now.This means the sunlight takes longer to penetrate through the trees on the hillsides during early morning.With that in mind,just close your eyes and envision a scene of a small lake in the Boreal Forest.The evergreens hug the shoreline.The sunlight is penetrating through the trees on the East side were the trees cascade down the hillside to the lake.There is mist covering the lake’s surface.There is no wind.The surrounding landscape is reflecting on the surface.This is a scene that I come across many times in my travels.To be there is a joy and to be able to photograph these scenes is a blessing.

With all that said Jan and I both turned and saw the sunlight highlighting the clump of grass protruding from the lake edge.There was mist moving slowly from the shore.The background was in shadow as the sun has not penetrated that area yet.I waded slowly out into the water.I wanted to make as little disturbance as possible for the scene was only ten feet from me.The tripod and Canon 7d was set up.I composed my shot,then waited for the water to calm down again and took my shot. I intentionally kept the background dark to keep the focus on the sunlit grass and mist.

The Extremist

The Extremist.

I re-posted this article by friend Jan Winther with his permission.I must say that I am quite honoured to be wrote about.So thank you Jan.

My good friend Ken Bennison asked me to come with him on a trip up the West Branch this past weekend. But before I get to that, I should explain the title on this blog post. It came up as we were waiting for the light to be in the perfect spot, and for the wind to die down a bit.
Extremist is (what I learned on this trip)  more or less what his own family affectionately calls him, and it refers to the way he approaches his photography. There is a very good reason why Ken is an incredible artist/landscape photographer. He does what a lot of other people wont do. He gets up at an ungodly hour, drive,hike or canoe for hours, (obviously not at the same time, but most of the time he will have to do all three to get to his location of choice.) And when he gets there he will explore the area, figure out what he want to shot, and wait for the perfect conditions to happen. Ken is not afraid to wait for hours for his shot. He knows exactly what he wants in a picture, and if the conditions aren’t there, he wont even take the camera out of the bag, because he wont be able to use the shot anyway, so if he doesn’t get the shot, he will simply return to the same spot again and again until he gets the shot he has in his mind. And the results speaks for themselves. Check out his website. I should mention that Ken’s is shooting with a Canon 7D, one lens (28-135mm) and his trusty SLIK tripod. Yes, Ken only use one lens.

Anyway, so this past weekend we were up at the West branch north of Webbwood, Ontario. A place I haven’t been to in 2 years, so it was nice to go there again, and revisit some of the places I  have shot before. Examples of previous posts can be found here, here and here. We are about 80 km (~50 Miles) in the bush, driving on a gravel logging road. The weather was perfect. No wind, sunshine and frost in the air. After have shot at a couple of locations, we wound up at the little lake where I had taken the Moonshine shot a couple of years ago. All of a sudden the sunshine starts to come through the trees, and lights up some grasses in the lake. Being the extremist that Ken is, gets up and wades out into the shallow waters. Ankle deep in loon and beaver crap he sets up his tripod and starts to compose a shot. I thought this would be a good time to get a shot of him in action, so I took a few shots of him shooting this sunlit grass, with some mist in the background.

O S A Lake Fall 2012 Part 2

Tuesday morning arrived to the sound of wind in the trees.This was a morning to sleep in.It was an uneventful day as we waited for the weather to change.On Wednesday morning we were able to put in some photographing time.As we paddled the shorelines I was looking for something different to work with.I particularly wanted to find some Fall colors  in among the evergreens.I was able to achieve that with the above composition.

Here you have a mix of orange,red and yellow for Fall colors nestled among the evergreens.When I first saw this I was straight on to the composition.By moving more to my left and setting up my Canon 7D on the tripod I feel I would give the scene a more 3D effect .The evergreens show various shades of green and there are shadows to create more depth.

I think that this photo printed on canvas as a gallery wrap in say a 24″x36″ size would look great on the wall.It will give you peace and harmony as you envision being on a far shoreline observing the scene before you.

Well that is it for this week.I will finish up the trip early next week.So until next time happy trails.

Looking Back From Where We Came

I had been busy photographing the scene in the previous post.It was such a beautiful evening.The wind was co-operating for a change.It was now getting on to late evening.My partner Gerard Leduc and I  had gone ashore at another location to photograph some small islands.Struggling through the shoreline bush ,looking for an opening,I happened to look back towards where we had come from.

A marvelous scene was before me.Clouds,Reflections and rocks.Beautiful.But what also caught my eye was the sunlight on the trees in the background.Wow.I quickly set up the tripod,mounted my Canon 7D and proceeded to create the composition you see above.

I used the reflections in the foreground to lead your eye to the sunlit background and cloud formation.

Well that is it for this week.I would also like to thank the folks who have subscribed to my blog.The subscriptions are now at 104.So thank you very much.Your comments are welcome.If anyone has any questions be free to ask.

I was selected to the 35th La Cloche Juried Art Show with a first place showing.This is a great show put on by wonderful people.It is a week long event.

Well that is it for this week.So until next time happy trails.

An Iris It Is

It was a hot late afternoon on Manitoulin Island.I decided to take a hike along a creek that I had walked over 30 years ago.At that time I had discovered a very large growth of ferns growing along this creek.I had spoken to a friend of mine whose property I had to traverse and he said they were still there.

So with his permission I walked along the edge of a hayfield with a hot sun beating down.Finally reaching the back end of the field, I went through an open in the split rail fence. had to walk into the bush a ways to pick up the creek.This little creek  was drying up.

I noticed these blue Iris growing here and there.I continued walking and soon discovered the Iris you see above.It was shaded by trees,but there was very good lighting around and behind it. Quickly setting up my 7d Canon on the tripod I took the composition you see above.The green can be seen in various shades and the Iris stands out brilliantly.

This was a case of recognizing a shot and then proceeding to get it.Lighting is very fickle.The Blue Isis or Blue Flag is common in wet areas and is thus quite common in Northern Ontario and Manitoulin Island. I did not find my ferns I was looking for so will leave that for another trip.So until next time happy trails.

A Dog of A Stump

As I am out photographing I am always on the lookout for something unique.Last June while camping on Killarney Provincial Park, Paul Smith and I were canoeing along the shoreline.The lake we were on was Killarney Lake.This is a large lake with clear turquoise blue water.We spotted a group of stumps along the shoreline in a little cove.I selected this particular one where the top of the stump was in the shape of a dog’s head.I set up the tripod and Canon 7D at the waters edge.By placing the stump in the foreground and the lens at f22 for depth I captured this composition.The water is so clear here that you can see the texture of the rocks underwater.

With an eye for detail you will be able to spot many such subjects such as this.Also bear in mind that it is the angle that you look that has a bearing on what you see.While that is it for this post.I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe one.I would like to thank everyone for coming for a visit.So until next time happy trails.