Bog Island


I discovered this little bog island at the far end of a small shallow lake a few years ago. It is located  up the Westbranch behind Webbwood Ontario. I fell in love with the potential of a composition that could be had here. This little island had character. From the shape of the vegetation; some deadheads and a clump of small evergreens. The main problem here was to be able to separate the island from the background. The lake is nestled amongst  Spruce trees so everything would blend in. You would then get a bland photo.

With that in mind I needed good lighting. Luckily, were I was able to set up my tripod and Canon EOS 7d the shoreline sloped upwards. This allowed me to get some separation from the far shoreline. This shot worked best in November. The sun is low to the horizon. The vegetation on the island turns a orange, red color. That helps relieve a lot of green. Now the trick is to get the right lighting. You have to have that island stand out from the background. That is very important. I made many trips to this location until I got it right. Early morning did not create the required lighting.

Finally it all came together. It was a beautiful sunny November afternoon. It was 3:30 Pm. The sunlight lit the island up like a torch. The light was coming from the left which was good. I was now getting sun flares in my lens. I used my hat to block the sun flares and shot the above photo. What also helps this composition is the lighting in the background. You can see individual branches being lit up. This is what turns an ordinary photo into a dramatic composition. Lighting.

The above photo was accepted at the 119th Toronto International Salon of Photography.

Well I will close for now. So until next time happy trails.

8 thoughts on “Bog Island”

    1. Head North Duncan. But I am sure there is great scenery where you live.
      One thing we have here is miles upon miles of wilderness.


  1. LOL, thats funny. I had plans of posting a blog with a picture from the exact same location and subject. Now you stole my thunder.. 🙂

    Great shot Ken, and congrats on the acceptance.

    1. No I have not got there. The problem is there is so many places to go. The other problem is finding people to do this kind of thing.
      My mother lives on Manitoulin Island so I pass the McGregor Bay area a fair bit.
      One of my goals for next year Thomas is to get to Lake Superior, spend time on French River. Particularly down at the mouth. I also have areas in Killarney Provincial
      Park I would like to explore.

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