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Grundy Provincial Park


This past week I had the opportunity to do some exploring in Grundy Provincial Park. The park is closed for the season now. We parked our vehicle outside the main entrance. Gerard Leduc was my partner for the trip. It was a very nice afternoon. A fresh coolness on the air as we walked among the pines and maples. Quiet and peaceful at this time of year without the seasonal campers. We attempted to take the Gut Lake trail but encountered an overflowing creek that prevented us from continuing on. We then picked up a route that ran between Gut Lake and Gurd Lake. As we walked we spotted a couple of Ruffed Grouse along the way. This trail ended at the Gurd Lake dam. We backtracked and followed the road until we came opposite Picnic Island on Gurd Lake. We noticed a small point with a pine tree growing basically on top of the rock. Cloud cover was moving in now. I saw a cluster of boulders that would make for a good foreground. The rock point was sloping towards the water. The reddish pine needles in the rock crevices added texture to the scene. You can see the roots of the tree running over the rock. I added just a touch of green in the foreground to balance the color. The moon is just visible at the top of the photo. I also added the second pine tree on the right. I just showed enough of the larger tree to balance out the composition. The sunset was poor, but you can see some color on the horizon in the background. Surprisingly the wind did calm down enough to allow some reflections. But on the whole I kept the water to a minimum. This shot was taken at 2.5 sec at f22. The result was the above composition.

Well that is it for now. I am just waiting for a break in the weather here. Thank you for stopping by. Until next time happy trails.

Early Morning Light

As Gerard Leduc and I were slowly moving around a group of islands I noticed the early morning sun highlighting the rocks you see above. Onaping Lake is home to a large number of islands and channels to explore.Easing the boat to shore and cutting the motor we hopped onto the rock outcrops on the shoreline.

Placing the sunlit rocks in the foreground along with a lone evergreen tree.There was just enough reflections to add depth to the water.The rocks in the middle ground were a nice shade of light grey.The background consists of the forested shoreline and clouds in the sky.

Well that is it for this week so until next time happy trails.

Looking Back From Where We Came

I had been busy photographing the scene in the previous post.It was such a beautiful evening.The wind was co-operating for a change.It was now getting on to late evening.My partner Gerard Leduc and I  had gone ashore at another location to photograph some small islands.Struggling through the shoreline bush ,looking for an opening,I happened to look back towards where we had come from.

A marvelous scene was before me.Clouds,Reflections and rocks.Beautiful.But what also caught my eye was the sunlight on the trees in the background.Wow.I quickly set up the tripod,mounted my Canon 7D and proceeded to create the composition you see above.

I used the reflections in the foreground to lead your eye to the sunlit background and cloud formation.

Well that is it for this week.I would also like to thank the folks who have subscribed to my blog.The subscriptions are now at 104.So thank you very much.Your comments are welcome.If anyone has any questions be free to ask.

I was selected to the 35th La Cloche Juried Art Show with a first place showing.This is a great show put on by wonderful people.It is a week long event.

Well that is it for this week.So until next time happy trails.

Around The Bend,Onaping Lake

As Gerard Leduc and I slowly motored in and around large and small islands.I was on the lookout for photographic compositions.We had already eaten supper and it was still early evening.As we moved in and out of various channels I noticed the above location.At the moment the lighting was still harsh.I figured another hour would be needed for the sun to get lower in the sky and soften up the scene.This particular set up had very strong side-lighting.I truly love this type of set up when I can find it.

After a waiting for the sun to get lower on the horizon we headed to a predetermined location to set up our camera gear.With the suns location we had the background a bit darker and the foreground awash with sunlight.This gives separation front to back.The rocky shoreline breaks up all the green and yellow that predominates the scene.The calm waters gave a lovely reflection adding to the overall scene.

I shot the scene by bracketing.There being so much differential in the lighting.When I returned home I was thus able to process the images in a HDR program.But I went straight into Photoshop to finish it off.I did not want to create a HDR image.I only wanted to open the shadow areas.

Well that is it for this week.So until next time happy trails.