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An Iris It Is

It was a hot late afternoon on Manitoulin Island.I decided to take a hike along a creek that I had walked over 30 years ago.At that time I had discovered a very large growth of ferns growing along this creek.I had spoken to a friend of mine whose property I had to traverse and he said they were still there.

So with his permission I walked along the edge of a hayfield with a hot sun beating down.Finally reaching the back end of the field, I went through an open in the split rail fence. had to walk into the bush a ways to pick up the creek.This little creek  was drying up.

I noticed these blue Iris growing here and there.I continued walking and soon discovered the Iris you see above.It was shaded by trees,but there was very good lighting around and behind it. Quickly setting up my 7d Canon on the tripod I took the composition you see above.The green can be seen in various shades and the Iris stands out brilliantly.

This was a case of recognizing a shot and then proceeding to get it.Lighting is very fickle.The Blue Isis or Blue Flag is common in wet areas and is thus quite common in Northern Ontario and Manitoulin Island. I did not find my ferns I was looking for so will leave that for another trip.So until next time happy trails.