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Birch Grove

A grove of birch trees

By the shores of

An ice-covered lake

The stark white trunks

Emerging from the mist

On an early Spring morning

Reddish-brown leaves

From Fall past

Carpet the barren ground

Among the standing birch

No stirring of wildlife

Is to be seen

A place of peaceful stillness

A well beaten path

Meanders through the birch grove

Beckons a wayward traveller

To places that are beyond

Four Sisters



Not a breath of wind

Is to be had

The sky all red and orange

The dawn of a new day

Is upon the land

The Four Sisters eroded descendants

Of peaks once young in height

With quartz cliffs that gleam

Like snow from a far

A craggy imposing landscape

That others have passed

Many thousand of years before

Covered with jack pine ridges

Descending oak,maple and pine

Cover the mountain side

In the bowels of the mountains

Sapphire lakes gleam in the morning light

Mirroring the surrounding landscape

On their glass like surface

Sloping red granite offset

The stark white quartz

Upon a windswept ridge

A twisted pine braves the elements

Having landed there as a seed

Growing up as best as it can

Now part of the landscape

Bit by bit the Four sisters

Are revealed as rounded humps

Against the  glowering sky

Revealing their everlasting beauty

To paddlers and hikers now passing by

Being among the La Cloche Mountain system is a very inspirational experience for anyone who has been there.There is much beauty to be found as one canoes or hikes this mountain system in Killarney Provincial Park

The above scene is a series of photos put together to create the composition.I photographed the panoramic at O S A Lake in Killarney Provincial Park last Fall.At one point the mist was lifting and the sky was a gorgeous Orange and Red for a few minutes.In this particular section of the La Cloche Mountains their are four rounded humps visible on the South side of O S A Lake.The name Four Sisters is my own doing.

Pond Life

Showy cup like flowers

Begin to open

In the mid-morning warmth

Like stars from heaven

Floating gently among lily pads

A white-tailed doe

Knee deep in the water

Lifts her elegant head

Lily pads dangle

From her dripping muzzle

Ever alert to signs of danger

Dark colored nymphs

Cling to the pond vegetation

Waiting as their wings emerge

To dry in the sun

Before flying over the pond

As an adult dragonfly

An Eastern King-bird waiting on a perch

Darts over the water

Catching an unsuspecting dragonfly

Perched high in a cattail

A Red-winged blackbird

Belts out his conk-la-ree song

He displays his shoulder patch

Of scarlet and yellow

For all to see

His streaky brown mate

Skulks through the undergrowth

In search of food

A blue heron standing motionless

In search of prey

An unsuspecting frog breaks the surface

With a blur of motion

The heron grabs its prey

With a lift of wings

The blue heron is airborne

To feed its young

The sun is waning

The shadows are long

The white lilies are closing

To signal the end of a day

In and around a beaver pond is full of life.It is so enjoyable to sit and watch the activity happening around you.

Here is a blog by a young lady that I have gotten to know on Fine Arts of America.

Do check it out.Very nicely done and a very talented lady

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River’s Edge Part 4

The sun is low on the horizon

A campsite beckons not far off

Upon arrival I am upset

For among the tall grass

Garbage is scattered every where

The sign of wayward campers

I unload my gear

Setting up a campsite

Before the night approaches

I rest upon a rock

By the river’s edge

Enjoying the quiet and peace

That is to be had

Along the flowing river

Marveling at the reflective colors

Of green,gold and blue

Upon the river’s surface

The evening light is waning

I retire for the night

The night is now

Full of noises

From the rustle of night creatures

In the nearby woods

To the haunting call of

A great Horned Owl

That is answered further downriver

As I lay abed

Falling asleep under the canopy of stars

The Pond

The shadows are retreating

From the morning sunlight

The last remnants of mist

Has now disappeared

The pond now awaking

Bathed in a warm glow

Along the water’s edge

Pitcher plants,purple and maroon

With cup shape flowers

Nodding on their stocks

Awaiting an unwary insect

A beaver with a trailing wake

Is homeward bound

After a night of labour

Painted turtles with glistening shells

Emerge from the pond’s depth

To clamber upon a mossy log

Half sunken at the water’s edge

To bask in the warmth

of the mid morning sun

An elegent Wood duck hen

With bobbing head

Her brood in tow

Merges into the vegetation

To hide and forage


The call of the American Bittern

From the far end

Of the beaver pond

We are blessed with a great deal of water in Northern Ontario.One is which is the beaver pond.My poem only covers a small fraction of what happens in and around these ponds.The beaver pond is home to a large variety of life.Plant life,aquatic life and wildlife are all sustained by a beaver pond.Spending time in and around the beaver pond is an awarding experience.Go to this web address and you will hear a recording of an American Bittern.

The above photo was taken at Wagon Road Lake in Killarney Provincial Park.With a beaver dam at one end and very swamp like at the far end I would almost classify this body of water as a very large beaver pond.It is a pretty place to be and an easy hike to get to this body of water.I loved the lighting effect that morning and I stitched a number of photos together to create this scene.

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The River’s Edge Part 3

As I travel onward

Boulders line the river’s edge

Nimble of foot I step

From boulder to boulder

Careful not to slip

The river now passes

Around and over many

A well-worn rock

The sun is at its zenith

The air is warm

A shaded rock beckons

For a traveller to rest

I ease my self down

My back against the smooth rock

My eyes close slowly

The sound of running water

Music to my ear

The soft rustling of leaves

above my sagging head

As a gentle breeze

Caresses the surrounding trees

I sense something near

Upon opening my eyes

A timber wolf ambling along

Head down to the rocks

On the far shore

Suddenly it stops,looks at me

With a sense of curiousity

We look eye to eye

As quickly as it came

Like a ghost it merges

Back into the wilderness

From where it came

An encounter not often seen

It is now time to move on

To follow the river’s edge.

Thank you everyone for your comments.

This is a great way to pass the winter writing poems about my wilderness adventures.I am having fun and I hope all you folks are too.So until next time happy trails.

The River’s Edge Part 2

The Warmth of the sun

On my back as I follow

The course of the river

The river is now narrowing

As it makes its way

Between  a grove  of Birch

Their trunks a splash of white

In the Boreal forest

Ahead of me a bend appears

An abandoned Beaver house

Comes into view before me

Now home to an Otter family

An Otter sitting on a log

Cleansing its glistening fur

Hissing as I approach

Passing quietly around the Otters

I continue travelling the river’s edge

It is now mid morning

The shadows are lessening

Before me a sandbar protrudes into the river

Golden in the sunlight

As I approach the sandbar

Tracks are spotted in the sand

Made by a lone wolf

On its nightly foraging

This is a continuation of my journey along a typical Northern Ontario River.I have spent many years travelling such rivers.Whether fishing or photographing.It is always a great adventure to enjoy.The poem River’s Edge is an accumulation of all my experiences on these trips. Everything that I write whether  wildlife or scene I have seen it.

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The River’s Edge Part One

As I walk along the river’s edge

In the early morning light

Spider webs glistening silver

Among the shoreline shrubs

The day’s first sunlight

Flickering through the leaves

Producing a dappled pattern on the forest floor

A small stream of pristine water

Merges into the ever-moving river

Stately Pines and towering Spruce

Stand guard at the water’s edge

The clear cold water

Is home to the colorful Brook Trout

Rising to the surface

In the deeper pools

Feeding on the emerging Mayflies

Here and there the undergrowth

Chokes the river banks

A dead tree layered

With fungi and moss

Lays in my path

Which I carefully step over

As I walk down the river

Ferns a bright green

With new Spring growth

Grow thick here and there

Along the river’s edge

A kingfisher all red,blue and white

Darts down the river

Vanishing into the shadows

One of my favourite pastimes is spending the day walking along a river.Enjoying the moment and looking to see what is around the next bend.

I hope everyone had a great New Years and I am looking forward to the new year.Thank you all for visiting and until next time happy trails