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The River Runs



The Fall rains have come

The Fall colored leaves

Hanging low over the river

They are laden with moisture

The rivers are swollen

With tea – stained water

The turbulent waters crash violently

Over the submerged rocks

Lichen covered rocks withstand

The swift currents rage

A restless river galloping

To its final destiny

At the river’s mouth

The  Sun emerges to dry

The water logged land

In time the surging river

Recedes in depth

No longer violent and swollen

The clean fast water

Scouring the gravel bottom

Fast water trickles  through

The shadow gravel beds

Alive with returning Salmon

To begin a new life cycle

It was a great weekend for me as I won the following awards

The Exhibition Without Walls Award – Manhattan Arts International Celebrate The Healing Power of Art 2014 


An award of Excellence from the Exhibition Without Walls Impressions 2014



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Missing Ball


I came upon this composition on the French River one late summer morning. The rock structure in front of me was fabulous. It had color and a great amount of texture to go with it. I also put a bit of green grass in the foreground to add contrast. There was an island in front of me. I used a small portion of this island as my background. There is lots of color on and around theses rock formations. In between the water was calm. This gave me great reflections to tie in everything from front to back. You can also see the bottom of the river in the foreground for a nice effect. When I first looked at this composition I noticed a small beach ball by the grass, floating in the water. I can not remember whether I had seen this when I took the composition.

Thank you everyone for stopping by. So until next time happy trails.

The River’s Edge Part 3

As I travel onward

Boulders line the river’s edge

Nimble of foot I step

From boulder to boulder

Careful not to slip

The river now passes

Around and over many

A well-worn rock

The sun is at its zenith

The air is warm

A shaded rock beckons

For a traveller to rest

I ease my self down

My back against the smooth rock

My eyes close slowly

The sound of running water

Music to my ear

The soft rustling of leaves

above my sagging head

As a gentle breeze

Caresses the surrounding trees

I sense something near

Upon opening my eyes

A timber wolf ambling along

Head down to the rocks

On the far shore

Suddenly it stops,looks at me

With a sense of curiousity

We look eye to eye

As quickly as it came

Like a ghost it merges

Back into the wilderness

From where it came

An encounter not often seen

It is now time to move on

To follow the river’s edge.

Thank you everyone for your comments.

This is a great way to pass the winter writing poems about my wilderness adventures.I am having fun and I hope all you folks are too.So until next time happy trails.

The River’s Edge Part One

As I walk along the river’s edge

In the early morning light

Spider webs glistening silver

Among the shoreline shrubs

The day’s first sunlight

Flickering through the leaves

Producing a dappled pattern on the forest floor

A small stream of pristine water

Merges into the ever-moving river

Stately Pines and towering Spruce

Stand guard at the water’s edge

The clear cold water

Is home to the colorful Brook Trout

Rising to the surface

In the deeper pools

Feeding on the emerging Mayflies

Here and there the undergrowth

Chokes the river banks

A dead tree layered

With fungi and moss

Lays in my path

Which I carefully step over

As I walk down the river

Ferns a bright green

With new Spring growth

Grow thick here and there

Along the river’s edge

A kingfisher all red,blue and white

Darts down the river

Vanishing into the shadows

One of my favourite pastimes is spending the day walking along a river.Enjoying the moment and looking to see what is around the next bend.

I hope everyone had a great New Years and I am looking forward to the new year.Thank you all for visiting and until next time happy trails