Pond Life

Showy cup like flowers

Begin to open

In the mid-morning warmth

Like stars from heaven

Floating gently among lily pads

A white-tailed doe

Knee deep in the water

Lifts her elegant head

Lily pads dangle

From her dripping muzzle

Ever alert to signs of danger

Dark colored nymphs

Cling to the pond vegetation

Waiting as their wings emerge

To dry in the sun

Before flying over the pond

As an adult dragonfly

An Eastern King-bird waiting on a perch

Darts over the water

Catching an unsuspecting dragonfly

Perched high in a cattail

A Red-winged blackbird

Belts out his conk-la-ree song

He displays his shoulder patch

Of scarlet and yellow

For all to see

His streaky brown mate

Skulks through the undergrowth

In search of food

A blue heron standing motionless

In search of prey

An unsuspecting frog breaks the surface

With a blur of motion

The heron grabs its prey

With a lift of wings

The blue heron is airborne

To feed its young

The sun is waning

The shadows are long

The white lilies are closing

To signal the end of a day

In and around a beaver pond is full of life.It is so enjoyable to sit and watch the activity happening around you.

Here is a blog by a young lady that I have gotten to know on Fine Arts of America.


Do check it out.Very nicely done and a very talented lady

Well that is it for this week.Thank you for your wonderful comments and until next week happy trails.

2 thoughts on “Pond Life”

  1. Showy cup like flowers

    “the composition and the brightness are so right”
    A white-tailed doe

    “the instant you captured is very right”

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