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The River’s Edge Part 3

As I travel onward

Boulders line the river’s edge

Nimble of foot I step

From boulder to boulder

Careful not to slip

The river now passes

Around and over many

A well-worn rock

The sun is at its zenith

The air is warm

A shaded rock beckons

For a traveller to rest

I ease my self down

My back against the smooth rock

My eyes close slowly

The sound of running water

Music to my ear

The soft rustling of leaves

above my sagging head

As a gentle breeze

Caresses the surrounding trees

I sense something near

Upon opening my eyes

A timber wolf ambling along

Head down to the rocks

On the far shore

Suddenly it stops,looks at me

With a sense of curiousity

We look eye to eye

As quickly as it came

Like a ghost it merges

Back into the wilderness

From where it came

An encounter not often seen

It is now time to move on

To follow the river’s edge.

Thank you everyone for your comments.

This is a great way to pass the winter writing poems about my wilderness adventures.I am having fun and I hope all you folks are too.So until next time happy trails.