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Rugged Shorelines

While exploring the shores of the French River early one morning I happened upon the above scene.There was some small white flowers in front of me along with a fern growing on the rocks.With an island before me,mist and calm waters.The sky was unique with good cloud formation,There was a lovely pink color to the clouds.

When I processed this photo I enhanced the yellow part of the fern along with yellow highlights on the far shoreline.If you want to take your work to the next level this is what you have to do.It brings the artist out in you.Mind you it is supple, but that is all it takes.

My work is been featured at Upstream People Gallery


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The River’s Edge Part 2

The Warmth of the sun

On my back as I follow

The course of the river

The river is now narrowing

As it makes its way

Between  a grove  of Birch

Their trunks a splash of white

In the Boreal forest

Ahead of me a bend appears

An abandoned Beaver house

Comes into view before me

Now home to an Otter family

An Otter sitting on a log

Cleansing its glistening fur

Hissing as I approach

Passing quietly around the Otters

I continue travelling the river’s edge

It is now mid morning

The shadows are lessening

Before me a sandbar protrudes into the river

Golden in the sunlight

As I approach the sandbar

Tracks are spotted in the sand

Made by a lone wolf

On its nightly foraging

This is a continuation of my journey along a typical Northern Ontario River.I have spent many years travelling such rivers.Whether fishing or photographing.It is always a great adventure to enjoy.The poem River’s Edge is an accumulation of all my experiences on these trips. Everything that I write whether  wildlife or scene I have seen it.

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