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I am a landscape,nature photographer

Golden Glow

Its a cool rainy day here today,so I will discuss how the Golden Glow photo that I uploaded yesterday, came about. This photo was taken North of Sudbury in the Fox Lake area. This particular shot was taken at the headwaters to John’s Creek. This section is called The Ladder on the map. The falls appears as a set of steps as the water runs down the rocks. This creates multiple small falls and pools creating many photographic possibilities. The Golden Glow was a result of the sun filtering through the trees and highlighting the trees on the far side of the falls.The trees reflected into the pool creating the nice gold coloration. By composing using the rocks, I created this photo. The rocks here are beautiful and do add to the photo. You will also notice the warm lighting on the rocks also. Another thing that should catch your eye is the fungas growth. This is also a very tight cropped photo. When I say cropped , I mean when I am looking through the viewfinder,not in Photoshop

Welcome to my World

Well this is my first attempt at blogging,so first thing to do is tell everyone about myself. My name is Ken Bennison and I live in Northern Ontario in the Sudbury District. I am now retired. I spend my free time photographing landscape and nature compositions. Photo Art if you like. So using my Canon Tsi equiped with a 25 to 135 lense I capture the individual scenes and using Photoshop to produce the photos as I see them.All my shots are taken on a tripod to achieve the slow shutter speeds I require. Most of my photography is taken at daybreak or dusk,the so called golden hours.

Golden Glow