Cameron Falls


Yesterday,Sunday I hooked up with my good friend Rob Bouchard from Massey. Rob took me into Cameron Falls located up the Tote Road North of Massey on the Aux Sauble River.It was a beautiful nice warm day. There is a power dam located here  . This is the type of falls that consists of many routes through the rock for the water to flow.This creates many photographic oppurtunities. To get to the far side of the falls we drove the truck up a side road and then walked in about a mile on a road till we came to Cameron Falls. I always injoy walking in the bush and at this time of year you can see for quite aways as the leaves have all fallen off.

The above photo was shot at 135 mm on at setting of 0.3 sec at F22. I was attracted by the rock structure in the foreground which had a nice reddish color to it using that I composed the photo as you see it.Cameron Falls has some very nice rock formations and coloration that helps create a good photo.


I fell in love with this location when we came upon it. The rock face on the right with the sunlight highlighting part of the rock face. The left side was in shadow. I shot this photo at 135 mm with the camera set 1.3 sec at F29. This allowed me to keep the rock face in focus in the foreground and also the rocks on the left help create depth. The lighting and shadows is what made this photo. The rocks at this falls have a red coloration. I had to take this photo at about 1:00 in the afternoon as the crevise was darkening up quickly. At this time of year the sun is not as high in the sky. Well thats it for now. I will be heading back up to Cameron Falls tomorrow to do some more photographing.

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