Late Evening Photography

Late evening is my favourite time to photograph due to the nice warm soft lighting. This photo was shot at 0.6 sec @ F22 with the zoom set at 95mm. Most waterfalls locations are surrounded by evergreen trees with the deciduous trees in behind. A lot of the Pines and Spruce trees do very well on the rocky areas. To get this kind of lighting the sun is just below the tree line and lighting up the evergreens on the opposite side. This causes a reflection in the water that looks golden colored. I placed the pool in the foreground surrounded by the rocks to give me the depth I wanted . Then I wanted to show the lighting on the rocks in the background without showing all the rocks. Then with the rushing water to fill in the detail of the photo.

I had an interesting discussion with a friend of mine, Rob Bouchard who lives in the area. Rob was  born and raised in the Massey Tote Road area. Rob discussed with me an ongoing concern by which the Forestry companies and our MNR are spraying chemicals over logged out areas to kill all deciduous growth so that the Pine saplings can grow without competition.When they do this there is no wildlife. For more information you can contact Rob at

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