Cameron Falls Revisited


Thanks everyone who stopped by for a visit. I had a pleasant suprise this week as I had an interview published over at 1stAngel Arts Magazine. Here is the link   My thanks to Beth Edwards.

On a photographic field trip this  week I capture a number of  beautiful photos with exceptional lighting. The above photo is an example of what I was able to achieve. Shot at 60 mm with a shutter speed set at 1.6 sec @f22. The rock formations at Cameron Falls are spectacular as well as the color. When you get into very late evening the color of the rocks really come to the fore.The water in the foreground took on a bluish color along with a hint of gold.The really neat thing was the sunlight shining on the middle part of the falls adding to the atmosphere.If you look up at the top of the falls you can just see a hint of gold. This golden color was very common that evening. The lighting on the various rock faces also adds to the atmosphere. A Magical Place

This photo is available for purchase at FAA along with other photos I have taken. Until next time bye for now.

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