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Art by Nature



The forest in shadow

Beside a small lake

On a Spring morning

Dawn is now breaking

The sky is brighter

A trickling of sunlight

Coming unexpectedly

Through the dark  Pines

Edging the boughs gold

The rippled lake surface

Creates a colorful abstract

Of gold, green and black

Of the forest reflection

A dazzling array of color

Radiant before your eyes

Mother Nature’s own art

For those who see

Soon lost in time


We can be totally overwhelmed by the grand scene before us.But if you were to look within that scene, you will find small things happening around you. The lighting is ever changing. Look for the small details of what that lighting is doing. Many times I have gone out to photograph a scene and as I am capturing that composition  my eyes pick up on another possibility. Train your eyes to be constantly on the move. Lighting is fickle. So be prepared to work quickly. Make light and shadow work for you.

That is all for now. Until next time happy trails


A Y Jackson 2014


4:20 AM. I loaded up my gear into my Escape. First stop was Tim Horton to pick up a coffee and a bite to eat for the road. Traffic was light as I drove down to Killarney. Wildlife was scarce on the Killarney highway. This trip I saw one yearling Black Bear and a Fox. I arrived at Killarney Provincial Park and parked at the East end of George Lake. Loading up my gear I walked to the trail that would take me to A Y Jackson Lake. I climbed up the ridge huffing and puffing. This is a fairly steep ridge that you have to tackle right away. It is only a ten minute hike into George Lake.

As I arrived at my destination I saw that the lake surface was calm. This was my first chance to use my new tripod. I had purchased a Gitzo GT1541 carbon fibre Tripod and a BH-40 LR from Really Right Stuff. As soon as the camera was set up on the tripod the wind started to ripple the lake surface. Go figure. I waiting I succeeded in getting the above capture with the morning sunlight illuminating the shoreline on the left and just catching the tree tops on the right. The La Cloche Mountains in the background had a bit of mist. This is one of my favorite lakes to photograph. The best time to get a composition is early morning. My next trip means I will have to get up at 4:00 AM to get the most out of a morning shot. There was a few mosquitoes around but for some reason they were not biting. The black flies were   scare this morning.

That is it for now, so until next time happy trails.

Catch The Light

By catching the light you can create an almost three – dimensional look to your photo.By utilization of the rock structure and evergreen trees to create the effect.Look at the evergreen trees and you will see that they really stand out as the result of the lighting upon them.The shadows around the lighted branches create this wonderful effect.This photo was taken at day break so you had very calm water with lovely reflections adding to the depth you wanted.By being patient and watching what is happening around you,the landscape is ever-changing in terms of the lighting.As the sunrises the light patterns will change.In this particular scene the sun is casting a lovely beam of light on the left side of the photo to highlight the trees.Yet still maintaining shadows in the middle of the photo.In turn this is all reflected on to the water’s surface.

As the morning progresses the whole scene will be lit up and you will lose the balance of shadows and light.I think this is very important if you want to take your photography to the next level.To recognize the lighting before you along with the shadows.You must know the area you are photographing.The direction of lighting at that time of day.Be patient. These shots are not available everyday.But with persistence you will be rewarded.

I captured this scene last Spring on A Y Jackson Lake in Killarney Provincial Park.By setting my Canon 7d on a tripod I was able to capture a great many shots as the conditions changed by staying in the same setup. The above photo also consists to two photos joined together.

Well that is it for this week.I hope everyone had a great Christmas as my family had.I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year.Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving comments.So until next week happy trails.

A Northern Spring

The smell of the earth is upon the wind

As the sun’s rays warm the land

Mother Earth awakens

From her cold slumber

The lakes once covered in ice

From the long Northern winter

Now home to migrating waterfowl

Rollicking on the lakes surface

The loons have returned

To their northern haunts

The bare trees now budding out

Soon to be dressed in a coat of new leaves

A moose calf born the year past

Foraging in a swampy bay

Ever alert for the presence of danger

A Blue Heron stalks the shoreline

In search of its elusive prey.

Song birds in a variety of color

Fluttering among the flowering shrub

Voicing their songs for all to hear

The sound of running water

From the hills above

Rushing down to merge into the lake

The first of the Spring flowers

Blooming on the forest floor

Heralding the return of Spring

Spring in the North Country is a joyous time.When the weather warms,everything grows anew after a long cold winter.

The above scene was recorded last Spring on A Y Jackson Lake in Killarney Provincial Park.I was attracted by the bent Pine tree and the rock formation.It took me a couple of attempts to photograph this composition.For what ever reason the wind would channel into here and I would feel it on my face as I walked down a beaver trail to the lake shore. But as you see I did manage to capture the photo.

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Well that is it for this week’s post.So until next time happy trails.

The Right Lighting

The sun was slowly creeping over the horizon behind me as I watched the play of light on the landscape.I always have enjoyed this part of photographing watching my surroundings as the various parts of the landscape begins to light up.It is interesting to watch the lighting paint the tree tops in front of you.The higher ground is the first to receive the morning sunlight.In this case the sunlight painted the top of the La Cloche Mountains.Then a strong beam of light lit up the trees on the left with paths of light touching the ground.Add to this to the beautiful reflections in the water can create a beautiful photo.The rocks reflecting in the calm water create geometric patterns that are intruding.

Now you will not get these effects every trip out.There are days when this will not happen.In most cases when you have this type of event it only occurs for a very short period.Be ready for it.It helps to know your surroundings and it may take many trips to achieve the desired results.So until next time happy trails.

An Evening on Sheguiandah Lake

Last Sunday we had a noon birthday party for my 4 year old grandson Kelan.It was a small family gathering and after it being such a nice afternoon I decided to pack my camera equipment and head for Killarney Provincial Park for some evening shooting.

Most of the weekend campers had gone home by now.There was a sprinkling of campers here and there. My goal this evening was to hike into Little Sheguiandah Lake that Paul Smith and I had canoed into a couple of times from George Lake.This lake was only a short hike from A.Y. Jackson Lake.

I hiked into the campsite on Little  Sheguiandah Lake and set up my gear for the evening shooting.The campsite is located near the back end of this lake offering an excellent view of the lake.There was a slight wind blowing off and on but with patenice I should succeed in getting some photos.I shot from various locations at hand.I had to wait at times for the water to calm down so that I had reflections in the water.I wore my bug jacket this evening as the bugs were bad.I even lost a few pictures due to bugs flying in front of the lense.

Little Sheguiandah has great rock structure along its shorelines making for excellent compositions under the right lighting conditions.The above photo was taken with a zoom setting  of 65 mm and the shutter speed set to 0.3 sec @ f22.This is looking at Little Shaglander from were you can bring your canoe in to the lake from George Lake.I always like to get photos of the La Cloche Mountains in the background.

The yellow pollen from the pine trees is now increasing and can be observed along shorelines now.This does not look good in a photo.I had a good evening of shooting and of course it is always the peace and quiet that one gets from being in these locations. So until next time happy trails.

On the Third Try at A.Y. Jackson

I have changed my blog layout to better show my photos.This meant changing the theme from the previous theme that I was using.The unfortunate part was that each post allows only one photo.So continuing from the previous post I will discuss the above panoramic that I had taken on the previous trip.

Killarney Provincial Park was created due to the efforts of The Group of Seven.A Y Jackson Lake was named after one of the Group of Seven’s artist A.Y. Jackson.When I had first arrived at this location I saw great photographic potential here.I also realized that the best shooting would be early morning due to the sun’s path in relationship to the lake.The La Cloche’s white quartzite cliffs in the background would give a dramatic affect to the panoramic.

I made a couple early morning excursions to A.Y.Jackson Lake but found the conditions not to my liking.The lighting was off and there was wind.I finally succeeded on the third try one morning were by the sky was cloudy and the wind calm.I knew I was in luck when I when I drove into the parking space at George Lake.The reflections were beautiful.A short hike brought me to A.Y.Jackson Lake and I was treated to an amazing scene before me. I set my tripod up on top of a rock and proceeded to take four overlapping photos.What really helped make this panoramic was the fog in the La Cloche Mountains.

I set the zoom at 65 mm and the shutter speed was set to 30 sec @ f22.That finishes this post for this week.So until next time happy trails.

Finally The Pay Off

I woke up last Friday morning at 4:00 a.m. to a cloudy morning.It had rained that night.I loaded my photo gear and headed to Killarney Provincial Park.My destination was A.Y. Jackson Lake. The two previous trips had been unsuccessful.The road into Killarney was foggy at times and I had to slow down once for a deer crossing the road.I pulled into the parking lot on George Lake and before me were mirror images on the lake.I knew I had the possibility of some good shooting.I prayed that the wind would hold off.I quickly loaded my gear and hiked into Jackson Lake,being careful of slippery rocks.

I have to tell to that upon arrival at Jackson Lake I was treated to a spectacle that every photographer wants to see.My goal had been to get a panoramic on this lake.Well I will tell you it was before my eyes.We will discuss this later.There was fog on the La Cloche Mountains and later that morning the sun came out off and on.The above photo is a result of sun coming out and lighting up certain areas.It was a matter of watching and being ready.For the above photo I set the zoom at 44 mm  and the shutter speed was set to 1/4 sec @22

The highlight of the morning was being able to finally get a panoramic of Jackson Lake with the La Cloche Mountains in the background.The fog in the mountains really made this photo along with the wonderful lighting.

I proceed to capture a number of great shots this morning and by 9:00 a.m. the shooting was over as the wind finally picked up.I was tired but happy with a card full of great shots.You have to make many trips into these areas to get the shots you want and persistence does pay off. The Pano is below for your viewing.Be sure to click on the photo to see it fully.I am off on a two day trip into Killarney Provincial.So until next time happy trails

Exploring A.Y. Jackson Lake

I met Jan Withers at the four corners in Sudbury Ontario last SundayI had called him Saturday evening to see if he was interested in going for a hike.We picked up coffee at the Tim Hortons and drove to Killarney Provincial Park.We chatted away on the trip down as Jan and I had not seen each other since last Fall.

I wanted to explore around A.Y. Jackson Lake and hopefully get some photos.We gathered up our equipment and located the trail into Jackson Lake.The beginning of the trail is quite steep and there after easy going.Once over the first ridge you are walking in open woods.The trail is well defined.Upon reaching a y in the trail,the lake was visible. I stepped up on a rock and saw a spectacle scene before me.I saw before me a scene with the right lighting that would create a great panoramic.

Jan and I spent the day exploring around the lake looking for photo opportunities and waiting for the wind to stop blowing.The wind was quite strong that day and we waited until 7:30 to no avail. By that time we decided to call it a day.

I decided to hike back into Jackson Lake Monday morning early.This was a lake that was best photographed at daybreak.The sun sets at the far end of the lake.This would mean waiting for the sun to set first and then photograph.By shooting early morning the light would be behind you and slightly to your left creating even lighting. I hauled out of bed at 4:00 a.m.,picked up a Tim Horton’s coffee and bagel before heading for the park.

There was a slight breeze blowing.This meant that I was not going to have excellent conditions. I hiked up to Jackson Lake,but I was  not early enough.This meant I would have to get up earlier next time.The panoramic was a no go this time.The wind was creating ripples on the water before me.Fortunately The water was calm on the East side of the lake.

I composed the above photo with the zoom set at 47 mm and the shutter speed set to 1 sec @ f22.I placed a small rock point in the foreground and shot along the shoreline.The reflections and the stillness of the water creates a very peaceful setting.

Looking to my left I saw the above scene before me.he reflecsions were not perfect,but that is not always required.I find that a slight ripple on the water can give a painting effect.The reflections add depth to the photo.The early morning lighting was good, giving the color of the rocks good saturation.I shot this photo with a zoom setting of 135 mm and the shutter speed set at 2 sec f 22

The wind persisted all day and I finally left around 6:30 that evening without getting any more photos.I will have to wait another day to get that panoramic. So until next time happy trails