The Right Lighting

The sun was slowly creeping over the horizon behind me as I watched the play of light on the landscape.I always have enjoyed this part of photographing watching my surroundings as the various parts of the landscape begins to light up.It is interesting to watch the lighting paint the tree tops in front of you.The higher ground is the first to receive the morning sunlight.In this case the sunlight painted the top of the La Cloche Mountains.Then a strong beam of light lit up the trees on the left with paths of light touching the ground.Add to this to the beautiful reflections in the water can create a beautiful photo.The rocks reflecting in the calm water create geometric patterns that are intruding.

Now you will not get these effects every trip out.There are days when this will not happen.In most cases when you have this type of event it only occurs for a very short period.Be ready for it.It helps to know your surroundings and it may take many trips to achieve the desired results.So until next time happy trails.

10 thoughts on “The Right Lighting”

  1. Hi, just wanted to stop by and say that I like this photograph. I’m an avid backpacker and spend a lot of times in the mountains and wilderness with my camera, so I certainly know the moment you speak of. Another favorite of mine is during the day light when the strong afternoon storm rolls in over the mountains with its creeping shadow, yet the sun rays do their best to burn through for as long as possible.

    Thanks for sharing this photograph,
    – Nate

  2. Hey Ken, sorry about my very late reply. Im not in the Rockies at the moment, actually in Connecticut. Currently planning my next big trip to the Andes for some hiking in Peru!

    1. Yes I went to your blog and got the info.You will be in for a fantastic trip. I am off to Killarney Provincial Park here in Northern Ontario.I have 2 canoe trips during the next 2 weeks with my wife.I live only an hour from this Provincial Park.

      Keep in touch


  3. WoW, This is really a great topic & I honestly appreciate with you. I wish, you will describe about it more in your next posting and I am really waiting for that!! Thanks = 29 times! 🙂

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