Setting The Mood

As I was going through my files from the previous trip into David Lake in Killarney Provincial Park I came across this photo.When I process my files from a trip, it is usually the obvious photos that catch my eye that I will process. I will then will go back at a later date and go through the files looking for that hidden gem.

In the case of this photo I was really attracted by the cloud formation. With the dramatic lighting and the cloud structure available I took four exposures.The last exposure was taken to bring out the detail in the shoreline and island.The four photos of different exposures was processed in Photoshop using the HDR process. I use the HDR plug-in to open the shadows only then proceed to finish up in photoshop.

The above shot was taken at one of our campsites on David Lake. The wind was not co-operating and we were lounging around the campsite drinking hot chocolate.There was a good view of the sun going down.The cloud formation you see appeared with its  unique lighting.I was not long in setting up my tripod and camera. I was able to keep the island off – center and be able to keep the cloud formation in view.The sun was setting to the left so I purposely left it out.Due to the lighting on the trees I was able to keep the island from blending into the background.I think this is important as you can now create depth.

Well that is it for this post.I thought that I would share this very dynamic scene which shows the beauty that can be had in our Northern Ontario Forests.

5 thoughts on “Setting The Mood”

  1. Beautiful shot! It’s very exciting for me to see as I gear up for an upcoming 3 day trip to Boreal forest land to shoot a video for a client. The trip is in September, and I’m hoping for some beautiful lighting to grace our days.

    Keep up the great work. I’ve been enjoying your blog for a bit now, and it’s nice to see some Northern talent – there’s so much of it.

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