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An Evening at Bassfin Lake


On Tuesday I drove up the Matagamasi Road for a late evening shoot at Bassfin Lake. This lake is easily accessible from the road, making it ideal for photographing. Bassfin Lake has a variety of islands to work with. The shorelines have some interesting rock structures to work with. This is also a lake to capture some interesting sunsets. What I am always after is rock structures and trees.

Upon arrival there was a bit of wind blowing. As the sun lowered to the horizon the wind started to abate. With the sun almost at the horizon point I captured the above scene that was a point of land jutting into the lake. The sun was filtering through the scattering of evergreens to create some very interesting light patterns. This is the type of lighting that can turn an ordinary scene into a thing of beauty. The water in the foreground is kept to a minimal. The rock on the shoreline gives depth and added contrast to the scene. This is Northern Ontario. As the sun went down the misquotes came swarming  around me. I had to step back from my camera in hopes of keeping them from messing up my photos. If there are too many in front of the lens, you will end up with  blurry spots in the composition. Another issue at the moment is pine pollen. This stuff is everywhere. In the water, in the air and on land. Whichever way the wind is blowing you will see the yellowish green pollen along the shoreline.

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Well that is it for this week. Thank you for stopping by. Until next week happy trails

Setting The Mood

As I was going through my files from the previous trip into David Lake in Killarney Provincial Park I came across this photo.When I process my files from a trip, it is usually the obvious photos that catch my eye that I will process. I will then will go back at a later date and go through the files looking for that hidden gem.

In the case of this photo I was really attracted by the cloud formation. With the dramatic lighting and the cloud structure available I took four exposures.The last exposure was taken to bring out the detail in the shoreline and island.The four photos of different exposures was processed in Photoshop using the HDR process. I use the HDR plug-in to open the shadows only then proceed to finish up in photoshop.

The above shot was taken at one of our campsites on David Lake. The wind was not co-operating and we were lounging around the campsite drinking hot chocolate.There was a good view of the sun going down.The cloud formation you see appeared with its  unique lighting.I was not long in setting up my tripod and camera. I was able to keep the island off – center and be able to keep the cloud formation in view.The sun was setting to the left so I purposely left it out.Due to the lighting on the trees I was able to keep the island from blending into the background.I think this is important as you can now create depth.

Well that is it for this post.I thought that I would share this very dynamic scene which shows the beauty that can be had in our Northern Ontario Forests.