Turner Point

Turner Point is located on George Lake in the main campgrounds at Killarney Provincial Park,Northern Ontario. In the background is Hawk’s Ridge.The rock structure around many areas of the shoreline consists of reddish granite rock.The La Cloche Mountains are in the background are composed of white Quartz rock covered with trees.In this instance fall colors.

This was a heavy overcast day. The rain had just eased off from a heavy downpour.There was a fair bit of fog this morning and I had already taken a number of shots.For a while the fog was so thick you could not see anything.I knew there was some color in the background and I had to be patient.It was still early in the Fall for full color.As I waited the fog begun to lift and slowly the mountains became clear and when the splash of colors showed up is when I began shooting.I created this composition with two photos taken that day.

While that is it for this week.In my part of the country it is a holiday called Family Day.It is nice when all families can get together.So until next time happy trails.

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