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Color Along The River


Last Fall Paul Smith and I were wandering along the Wakanasin River. Paul and I had looked at this scene many times but could not put it together. We looked at it during many seasons other than Winter. Up the Westbranch there is not a lot of Maple and Oak for the red and orange Fall colors. There is mostly Evergreens, Birch and Poplar in this part of the country.

I stepped out in the water to set up this composition. Having placed the tripod and camera I set about composing the above scene. There was cloud cover, which cut the glare of the sun on the running water. You can just make out some reflection, reddish orange on the right in the crystal clear water.

Well that is it for this week. Until next week, happy Trails.


Mist and The Maple Tree


It was just after sunrise on the Vermillion River near my home. It was one of my many trips to the river to photograph. It was Fall and the colors were very nice. The mist was heavy that morning. I saw a maple tree across the river being lit up by the early morning sun. I proceeded to set up my tripod and Canon 7D. It was just a matter of waiting for the mist to thin out a bit. I managed to capture the above composition of the Maple Tree in all its Fall glory.

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Maple Leafs and Birch Trees

I was giving a challenge by my good friend Bill Whittaker who is known for his acrylic and oil painting.You can explore his website here.


Bill ask me to take some photos of Maple Leafs and Birch trees.Okay so off I went and spent a couple evenings searching.I knew where Birch trees grew in large numbers.But I had to find Maple trees grown there too.I came across several candidates to work with.The above photo is one of the better ones.I pulled down a branch of Maple leafs in front of the Birch tree to give me foreground.I also tied it off a short distance of a foot or two from the Birch tree for added depth.The front leafs are basically yellow while the Maple leafs behind the Birch tree are red.In the V of the Birch tree are some green leafs.Giving excellent contrast.There is always a lot of detail in a Birch tree plus the whiteness.

Everyone can Identify with the White Birch.Unfortunately there has been a lot of die-offs due to some kind of disease.This is a little different from my normal style of photography.It was a nice change to go searching for this type of composition.

Well that is it for this time.Happy Trails

An Interesting Point

On my previous trip to O S A Lake in Killarney Provincial Park we camped on a large island.The island is large enough to allow many photo opportunities. Walking the shoreline I spotted this interesting little point jutting out into the lake.It contained beautiful structure detail that was enhanced by the reflections created in the water.So using the point as my foreground,the small rock island as my middle ground and the forested La Cloche Mountains for the background I was able to create the above composition.

The late evening sun was highlighting the Maple trees on the hillside giving a nice yellowish glow to reflect into the water.Looking at the point in foreground you will see blue on certain parts of the rocks.If I was to remove this blue you would get a dull grey color.I do not know if this is due to the camera’s sensors or the late evening lighting.I have come across this many times with the type of rock structure found in the La Cloche Mountains.

Well that is it for this week as I have been busy preparing for The Killarney Art Show this coming Saturday and Sunday.If you are in the area stop in at the show.There will be many very good artists there.25 %  of all purchased art work goes to The Friends of Killarney to help them in there many projects at Killarney Provincial Park.You can check there website here.


While you are in Killarney enjoy some of the best fish and chips at the waterfront. Till next time happy trails.