Mist and The Maple Tree


It was just after sunrise on the Vermillion River near my home. It was one of my many trips to the river to photograph. It was Fall and the colors were very nice. The mist was heavy that morning. I saw a maple tree across the river being lit up by the early morning sun. I proceeded to set up my tripod and Canon 7D. It was just a matter of waiting for the mist to thin out a bit. I managed to capture the above composition of the Maple Tree in all its Fall glory.

Well that is it for this week. Thank you for stopping by and for the comments. Until next week happy trails.

2 thoughts on “Mist and The Maple Tree”

  1. Hi Ken

    Really love your blog and I hope to be posting on my own blog soon. Just wondering if you go use WordPress directly for your posts or do them first in a word processor then move them over.

    I have my WordPress blog set up and did an initial post, but now I want to start doing a bi-weekly blog, and wonder where is it best to keep the drafts, in WordPress or word processor?

    I still have some tweaking to do, but my own photography website is at http://www.photographybymarshall.com I’m still having some issues with the email hosting side, but should have that taken care of over the weekend.



    1. Hi Marshall. I do it all in WordPress. Just checked your blog and it is looking good. I use a free theme for my blog. You can also purchase one. What I like about wordpress is that you simply upload your photos to the media library, import the photo into your post and then start writing. It is really very simple.You can also print out your drafts. I myself do not use drafts. When I write a post it immediately gets published. One of the big secrets about blogging is key wording so that people can find you. You need to connect to the various search engines, Facebook, lindken and various others.

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