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A Forest No More



There is a chill

In the pre-dawn air

The forest shrouded in mist

A silence is prevalent

The hills rolling in the distance

Like waves on a lake

Red pine grace the hills

As far as one’s eye can see

A golden light from the rising sun

Penetrates the mist

Nestled among the hills

The glimmering waters sparkle

In the morning glow

Of a beaver pond

Fed by a stream

From the surrounding hill


The earth shattering noise

Of diesel engines starting

Springing to life

Disrupts the peaceful forest

The smell of diesel fumes

Assaults one’s nostrils

Black smoke curling upwards

Through the misty trees


As the days go by

The land lays bare

Once tree covered hills

Lie naked to the sky

A lone pine here and there

Stands forlorn and bent


The once sheltered beaver pond

Vibrant with life, lying vulnerable

To the forces of nature

The stream chocked with debris

No shelter of protective trees


A frost covers the bared land

Sparkling with the morning light

Wisps of smoke rise

In the chilled air

From scattered piles

Of wood debris

An ancient forest once stood

Where the land lays bare

A forest no more



A Boggy Place



I was exploring the logging roads in back of Batchawana. It was a wonderful feeling to watch the road ahead. I was driving through a canopy of vibrant fall colors. Cresting  hills to a view of hill tops alive with dynamic colors that only Fall can give.  Making my way along the side of theses hills with a stream flowing far below. Looking past the stream to the craggy rock faces through the tree canopy. The road was in good repair as they were hauling logs here. As I approached the Y in the road I turned right onto a narrower gravel road. Both sides of the road had been cut over. With it being late evening I had no worries of meeting a log truck. I had conversed with the logging people. From them I learned that they were finished each day by 6:00 PM. This piece of road had very few pull offs and it was relatively new.

I came upon this composition in the cutting area. With some vibrant color in the background. The ghostly appearance of the Black Spruce in decay reflecting upon the water. Small boggy islands in the middle ground for added depth. Then the total reflection in the foreground. I purposely left out the sky for more even lighting over the scene. This is one of those compositions that can seem busy.This is a very detailed scene overall. But at the same time alive and peaceful. These locations are one of my favorites  to just sit and absorb the wealth of color and patterns involved. But overall I like the final composition. Remember rules can be broken.

That is it for this week. Until next time happy trails

Of Times Past


As I strolled the beaches in Pukaskaw National Park, I was on the lookout for something unique to photograph. In Horse Bay I came across a large chain attached to a piece of driftwood and buried in the sand. This chain probably comes from the time of logging in this area. The chains were used to hold the large timbers together to create log booms to haul to market.

I elected to shoot this composition vertically to keep things tight and not become over crowded. Thus the focal point is the chain and driftwood piece. At the same time you get at sense of the location. Which is a sandy beach, lots of driftwood, shoreline and sky. There is even rock in the background. The beaches on Lake superior are loaded with driftwood at the high water mark.

This weekend is the start of the 36th La Cloche Art Show. If you are in the area go and check it out. Well that is it for this week. Until next time happy trails