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Capturing The Moment

Every once in a while you capture a scene that really catches your eye.With a combination  of color,mist and mood imparted before you.The lighting highlights on the trees,the soft mist to create the overall feel.There is a beached canoe on shore suggesting a campsite.As I was about to take this composition a small flock of Canada Geese flew in and landed.They quietly swam into a little cove.If you look close you can just make them out.I had to wait until the water calmed down again before beginning to record this shot.I had been walking the shore line of the French River at the Flat Rapids Campsite early one morning when I happened upon this particular site.

Now this was a large scene before me,so I took two shots overlapping about 40 % to create a small pano.This composition will most likely end up being a 20 x 50 gallery wrap.I am always happy when I can produce a scene as shown above that exemplifies  the beauty of our land.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              This is one thing that I hope that through my work in our wilderness that I can show people the  pristine conditions of our many wilderness locations and what our Provincial Parks have done to preserve these special locations.The two Provincial Parks that I have explored come to mind.Killarney Provincial Park and the French River Provincial Park.To be on location to observe those special moments,when there is not a breath of air to be felt,calm waters reflecting and the presence of mist that so alters the scene before you into one of a calming mood at the start of a new day.Here you are away from the hustle bustle of civilization.Just you one on one with nature.So let us keep it this way, so many more can enjoy.This is our land so lets preserve it.

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Didn’t Make it

This is a photo that I had taken the Labor Day weekend.I had decided to hike the trail down to the  historic Recollet Falls located in the French River Provincial Park .I left the visitors center late that evening to catch the warm lighting that you get at that time of day.For some reason I had difficulty  staying on the path and I kept loosing the trail.I managed to get back on track a number of times.Now the sun was getting below the tree line and I had still not gotten to Recollet Falls. I noticed an easy drop to the river shoreline  so I made my way down to the ledge and composed the above photo.There was a yellow cast in the sky that was just visible and the horizon had a pink tinge.It was a very quiet still evening.The way I like it.

In the background is Recollet Falls.The rock detail and reflections were wonderful.It was now starting to get darker and I figured It was time to head back.I made it back to the visitor’s center with plenty of time.

I was chosen as  One Life Featured Photographer by Artist Wanted on Facebook,

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Rugged Shorelines

While exploring the shores of the French River early one morning I happened upon the above scene.There was some small white flowers in front of me along with a fern growing on the rocks.With an island before me,mist and calm waters.The sky was unique with good cloud formation,There was a lovely pink color to the clouds.

When I processed this photo I enhanced the yellow part of the fern along with yellow highlights on the far shoreline.If you want to take your work to the next level this is what you have to do.It brings the artist out in you.Mind you it is supple, but that is all it takes.

My work is been featured at Upstream People Gallery


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Out of The Mist

Morning is slowly evolving

From the darkness of night

The wind is calm

A heavy mist is present

Over the ever flowing river

Islands and rocky points

Can barely be seen

The strains of song

Muted in the mist

Becoming louder and louder

With each passing moment

The dip of paddles

In rhythm with song

Can now be heard

The sudden parting of mist

Reveals the misty outline

Of an elegant Montreal canoe

Paddled by stalwart voyageurs

Singing to the rhythm

Of their glistening paddles

The mist suddenly closes

The sound of voices

Receding in the distance

Ghosts from times long past

The sun has crested

Chasing the far shadows

Sunlight pierces the mist

A refreshing breeze blows

Dissolving the morning mist

The river having revealed

Its ancient history

Leaving one spellbound

To have been part

Of that long ago past

The idea of this poem came to me when I spoke to a number of local people on the French River.They talked of almost hearing voices on the French River on certain days.With that in mind I created this poem.

The French River is steeped in history.This river was the main transportation route by the First Nation people,early explorers,Jesuit Missionaries,Voyageurs and much later the lumber men.
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Something Unique

I had my eye on that little clump of grass you see on the black rock the evening before,while I was exploring the French River.The next morning dawned as I was going about photographing scenes I kept my eye on that clump of grass.When I noticed the sunlight appearing in the vicinity of the grass clump I quickly set to get the above composition.

I used part of the rock above to get the golden glow from the sun.The eye is lead into the scene from the right with the reflection.The clump is not the main subject but part of the overall scene.The small black rocks appear to be floating in space.I did not notice the coiled rope until I got home.
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The French River Provincial Park

Friday August 17 With all my camping gear,easels and my art work I finally got on the road by mid morning.I stopped in Sudbury to pick up some last minute supplies as was soon heading South.I was on my way to the French River Provincial Park visitors center.

I will give you a little bit of history of this large water system.The French River flows for 110 km from its Lake Nipissing source to Georgian Bay.For thousands of years the First Nations people followed the river system fishing and hunting.The French River was a major highway for explorers,traders and Jesuit missionaries as they pushed into the West to open up the country.Later the timber barons sent rafts of White Pine South along the river.Today many people paddle and boat on the French River camping and fishing.In 1986 The French River was designated Canada’s first Heritage River.A prime example of a glaciated Canadian Shield river environment.The above info was taken from the French River Visitor Information Guide.

My first stop would be the Flat Rapids Camp on the French River.Turning off the highway onto the Hartley Bay Road. Arriving at the campgrounds I checked in and soon had the camp gear set up.The Flat Rapids Campsite is run by very wonderful down to earth folks.I truly enjoyed my weekend here.I had a quick supper and soon was back on the road.

I crossed the bridge over the French River and turned off onto the road leading into the French River Provincial Park Visitor Center. This is a magnificent building that is well worth a visit.The layout inside is very well done.There is a lot of history to learn here as well as enjoying the visual display.The people that work here are wonderful folks and they go out of there way to help you.I can not thank them enough for their help and hospitality well I was there for the weekend.

Returning to Flat Rapids Camp that evening I hiked along the river shoreline looking for photographic opportunities.It was not a good evening and it was soon dark.

I awoke at dawn and was greeted by some spectacle scenery on the river.On this section of the river there are islands and exposed rocky shoals.There was mist to be had,heavy cloud cover.I set up for the above shot by using the point of one island in the foreground  and keeping another island in the middle ground.I then had the far shore and sky for my background.The sunlight was highlighting various sections of the scene when it would pop out.This is very important in getting that special composition.Just be aware of your surroundings.You will also note the position of the far island and the point were by I have created a S curve to lead the eye.At this time of day with the cooler morning temperatures that creates mist over the warmer water temperatures you can create mood in your composition.The rocks were wet and along with the reflections in the still waters created wonderful detail in the rock structure.All in all it was a great morning to be there.

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