Rugged Shorelines

While exploring the shores of the French River early one morning I happened upon the above scene.There was some small white flowers in front of me along with a fern growing on the rocks.With an island before me,mist and calm waters.The sky was unique with good cloud formation,There was a lovely pink color to the clouds.

When I processed this photo I enhanced the yellow part of the fern along with yellow highlights on the far shoreline.If you want to take your work to the next level this is what you have to do.It brings the artist out in you.Mind you it is supple, but that is all it takes.

My work is been featured at Upstream People Gallery

Well that is it for now.Thank you for visiting and commenting.So until next time happy trails

5 thoughts on “Rugged Shorelines”

    1. Yes I have been getting excellent compositions lately.Just think what is in store as I have been basically shooting in one location.With many more miles to cover.

      Marshall I sent you an order last night.I need to talk to you about font sizes for my signature.I use the ALS font


  1. Hi ken
    The fern is Royal Fern – can’t tell from the photo what the flowers might be. Do you have close-up of the flowers?

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