Spring Thaw



A freshening south wind

Caresses the frozen land

A bright and sunny day

The warmth of spring

Blankets the snow bound terrain

The spring thaw has begun

A river flows beneath

The burden of winter

The snow laden evergreens

Line the river’s edge



The relentless winter winds

Has turned the exposed snow

Into sculptured forms of art

The smooth crust of snow

Formed into humps and valleys

Where the shadows play

Embellishing the exposed snow




The river has burst forth

From its winter blanket

Surging water slowly appears

Creating pools of tea colored water

To disappear once again

Beneath the melting ice

To reappear downriver

Charging on in the

Warmth of spring



With the sun dropping

Below the distant tree line

There is a chill

In the spring air

Long shadows are cast

With a hint of blue

Upon the stark white land

Interspersed with exposed rocks

The approach of evening

Heralds the end of the day

With a display of subdued lighting


14 thoughts on “Spring Thaw”

  1. I am over from Leanne Cole’s blog, I was really appreciating all of your work that she showcased and then when she said you also write poetry, I was sold! I love the woven words in this post, capturing the surges of spring. The images pair beautifully with the visual painting of your words. Looking forward to admiring more of your work!

    1. Thank you Carrie. The poetry comes in spurts. I have one ready to publish in a couple weeks. It is titled A river’s Destiny

    2. Carrie send over your email. I just finished a poem you may like. I will not be publishing this one for awhile. At some point I will have to get photos to match

      1. Hi Ken, Thanks so much for thinking of me 🙂 I’ll see if I can find your contact information on your blog and send you an e.mail. Would love to read some more of your work. Thanks!

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