Unique Cloud



Back in June when I was at Pukaskaskwa National Park, I spent an evening photographing sunsets and clouds. My equipment was set up on a viewing platform on the Manitou Miikana Trail, “The Spirit Trail”. As I was photographing one scene, I looked behind me and saw this unique cloud formation that had turned an unique orange color. I reversed the camera on my tripod, found some foreground and composed the above shot. Because I had to deal with wind I kept the foreground dark to avoid any blurriness and for your eye to view the sky.

Well that is it for this week. The Killarney Art Show was a fun filled weekend. Made a little money and met some wonderful people. So until next time, happy trails.


~ by kenben on 07/29/2013.

12 Responses to “Unique Cloud”

  1. The red in the sky is beautiful…

  2. Stunning……

  3. Nicely captured!

  4. i love that, when i’ve been busy looking one way and then i turn around and there’s a wonderful shot just waiting patiently

  5. Great Photo! Congratulations!!

  6. As always, beautiful work Ken. Always good to make a little money too!

  7. Wonderful colors!

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