Sunken History


Thursday morning of our three day French River trip to The Elbow was a little calmer. The waters were quiet in pockets. At the edge of the beach at our campsite was a piece of machinery sunk in the water. Don and I could see the remains of a boiler. There was a drum with gears at each end. Probably for holding cable. Where we were camped was were the loggers released the logs from the booms. The logs were then sent through the Dalles Rapids to continue the journey to the river’s mouth.

So I set up the scene with the rusted out equipment in the foreground. The green of the trees and their reflection created a frame of sorts. The reflecting rocks added contrast and depth to the composition. I had to quickly set up for a shot as the wind came back within minutes.

Thursday night after we had crawled into our sleeping bags, Don and I were treated to a display of lighting and thunder. It rained quite heavy. When the next morning arrived everything was very wet. The trees were dripping and the wind was picking up. We had breakfast and were soon loading the canoe for our journey home. As we launched the canoe the skies were getting darker. After a half mile of paddling the heavens opened and it did not take long before we were soaked. There was some lightning and thunder in the distance, but it was soon heard no more. We were going with the wind this time, so that was a bonus. We made it back to Hartly Marina in good time. Just a bit stiff and wet.

The gear and canoe were loaded into my Ford Explorer well it was raining. I paid our bill before heading to The French Trading Post for some hot soup and coffee. We had a great trip. I am looking forward to doing some more exploring on the French.

A friend of mine Ray Thoms has published an interesting book called SUDBURY -A Retrospective View, comprises of a series of images that show the evolution of our City over the years. More info can be obtained on Ray’s site here.

I will be in Killarney this coming weekend at the Killarney Art Show.

More info can be obtained here.

Well that is it for this week. Thank you for stopping by and visiting. Thank you for the comments.

Until next time Happy Trails

6 thoughts on “Sunken History”

  1. what an incredible photograph…!
    your history is not only sunken it is standing still in time it seems
    Thank you for sharing your journey with me/us this morning….
    I could use that rain….
    Take Care…

    1. Thank you LadyBlue. I saw other evidence of the logging days while I was there. A very historic river. The Voyageurs used the French River to travel to and from the West.

  2. I feel that you are living a marvellous life, and your love for photography is obvious in your imagery. I love the postcard my wife purchased when we met at Tourism centre in Killarney area some weeks ago (we met for the first time and we had a chat). Although my main focus/interest as a serious hobbyist has been traditional LF/MF film based (mostly landscape), I can clearly appreciate your deep interest in the kind of photo-art your produce. You are quite an excellent photo-artist!

    Thanks and greetings from Toronto!

    1. Well Shary, nice to hear from you. Not often I hear from someone that I have met while showing my work. I am in Killarney this week end at an art show. Hope to meet again.

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