Adventures in OSA

For most of the summer I heard glowing reports about the beauty of OSA Lake in Killarney Provincal.I was able to snag a four day trip into this famous lake for the second week of Maureen’s holidays.

With a one day lay over and to replenish our food supplies we pushed off from the beach at George Lake.It was a beautiful day for canoeing with light winds.We made our way to the first portage into Freemon. As we were hauling our gear over, another couple from British Columbia  came in.These folks were on a week long trip over to Baie Fine.

Chatting beifly as we loaded the canoe we finally headed up Freeland Lake to the Killarney Lake portage.As we approached the landing a canoe with two gentleman and a little three year old girl headed out into the lake.We were informed that they were a party of 15 kids from age 15 to 3 years old along with accompanying adults.I thought this was pretty cool.It is so nice to see young kids out enjoying themselves on a canoe trip with there parents.

We beached the canoe and proceeded to unload our Quebeco 17 when 2 Park Rangers appeared down the portage.After talking for a few minutes they asked us for our camping permits.After we showed our camping permits we had an interesting chat.They had been in the interior for four days checking campsites and cleaning them up.One of the Rangers showed us a bag of cigarette buts and beer cans.I hope that everyone who uses the Park campsites make sure that all garbage is picked up and brought out with them.Let us all keep this beautiful wilderness area free from garbage.

As we moved our gear to Killarney Lake a number of canoes pulled in to the portage.Maureen and I put our gear to the side while everyone unloaded and moved there gear over the portage.We were in no hurry as the day was young.We finally managed to get the canoe loaded and made our way into Killarney Lake.This lake has always impressed me for its scenic views.It was nearing lunchtime so we landed on a point with a nice view of the La Cloche Mountains.We also had a splendid view looking towards the East End of Killarney Lake.This was a day of nice big fluffy white clouds.Once we had eating lunch I took a few photos as a record and we just laid back and took into the scenic views around us.

It was a short paddle over to the OSA portage were we met two gentlemen on there way out.The OSA portage is 455 m and an easy walk through old forest growth.As we exited the portage onto a gravel beach at OSA, we took in the amazing scene before us.With crystal clear waters and an abundance of islands towards the West end of the lake.This lake is pretty much surround by the La Cloche Mountains coming down to the shoreline.

We proceeded to paddle to the West end of OSA lake to look for a campsite.We slowly made our way among the various islands admiring the many scenic views before me.As a photographer I was impressed with the many photographic opportunities that would be available.I also realized that there would have to be many trips into this lake to truly capture its beauty.I also foresaw a problem with the wind on this lake.OSA has a large expanse of open water that would lead to a wind problem.Lo and behold when this lake calms down there would be gorgeous shots with the mountains reflecting into the water.

We finally made our way to the 2nd last campsite on a point of land that was empty.Maureen and I proceeded to empty the canoe and get our campsite setup.Once the camp chores were finished I walked down to the East end of the campground to look over the lake.The first thing that caught my eye were four rounded peaks in a very pleasing setting.I called these four peaks the Four Sisters.I do not know if they have a name.

I turned to my left and noticed the bright reddish vegetation on the point of an island.I thought to my self that with the right lighting this would make a great shot.We had been here for a couple of days before I was able to get the above shot.The early morning light bathed the small trees by the reddish vegetation to create this neat composition.I did not have a whole lot of calm water but managed to get enough colored reflections to add the depth that I was looking for.

Well that is it for now.This journey is not finished and I will be back with more posts on this special trip into a must see lake.So until next time happy trails

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