A Magic Moment in Time

Paul Smith and I spent a lazy afternoon on the beach enjoying the beautiful warm weather as we waited for the evening photo shot.At this time of year with the days becoming shorter it is no longer a long wait.It is so enjoyable to sit by the water observing the lighting and ever changing conditions.Paul and I sat at one of the picnic tables.People were coming and going.In most cases we would chat with them.One Japanese gentleman approached us and we had a discussion on photography.

Paul and I met Michal Podwapinski on the beach later in the afternoon.Michal had just finished a 2 week hike around the park.We spent a pleasant couple hours as Michal talked about his 2 week hike.

By this time evening was approaching.Paul and I quickly got ourselves set up for the evening shot.I returned to the same location as the photo in the previous post.We had some nice clouds available plus color.What also was interesting was that as the sun dropped below the horizon there was a nice reddish tinge in the sky.This in turn caused the beautiful reddish glow on the rocks.You have to be quick with your set up in these conditions as that magic moment will only last a very short period of time.Again being in the right place and time.It is called a magic moment in time.You must be able to recognize these conditions and act upon it.I believe this is what separates the good photographers from the ordinary photographers.

This lighting probably lasted for all of about 15 to 20 minutes and then was gone.Paul and I finally decided to call it a day.We had succeeded in getting some wonderful photos on a extraordinary day.We enjoyed conversing with other people at the park that day.It was just one of those Fall days where everything fell in place and was just enjoyable to be there.

So until next time happy trails.

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